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Lisbeth Lopez

I visited the Tuscaloosa Museum of Aft. I absolutely loved everything about it. The first thing I noticed was the building themselves. The tour guide informed us that they were built to resemble a Japanese place. It was beautiful and the pond in the back added a great effect. Once we entered I was amazed at the great historical works of aft. One of the first paintings I saw was one of George Washington. It had flags in the background. This painting was relevant to the course because he was the first president of the United States and one of the founding fathers of our country. He was played a key role in the revolutionary war, which is a topic we discussed. The next piece of art that I took notice of was one of the siege of Yorktown. This relates to our class because we discussed the times of exploration of the Americas. Yorktown was one of the settled towns. This battle that took place in Yorktown was also the last major of the revolutionary war, which also ties back to President Washington who led the continental army. The last piece of art i observed was a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1840. This I thought was one of the most important pieces in the whole museum. This was the first time that American’s took a stand as a country. Some of the most important people in our countries history were in that room. This was the moment that we became the United States of America.

Shelly Overfield
Frazier Museum Extra Credit
HY 103-004

In Louisville, Kentucky the Frazier Museum hosts several exhibits and artifacts that are from the early settlement age to 1877. I love going to the Frazier Museum because they constantly change and display new exhibits frequently throughout the year. The feel of the museum automatically brings you back in time, and its sophisticated style gives the museum an upscale and respectable outlook on the importance of history.
The main exhibit right now is called “ Civil War: My Brother, My Enemy.” Here I learned Kentucky was a divided state. Many families were pulled North and South. In 1861, Kentucky sate government declared its neutrality, but President Lincoln established a Union army. However, Kentucky had soldiers in both sides. Families were broken because brothers and fathers sometimes fought for different armies. This exhibit also included documents detailing Abraham Lincoln’s wife’s insanity in 1875. These documents are framed, and reveal her arrest warrants, court proceedings, and other official letters.
Some of the unique artifacts the Frazier museum hosts include the ceremonial sword of Founding Father Josiah Bartlett, the family bible of the legendary pioneer Daniel Boone, the original “Big Stick” of President Theodore Roosevelt, the bow attributed to the great Apache leader Geronimo, and the ivory-handled Colt pistols of General George Armstrong Custer.
The Frazier Museum always displays numerous types of weapons. One of the items that drew my attention was the bow and arrow of the great Apache leader. Personally, the arrows did not seem very sharp and maybe that is because of how old they are, but the arrows were skinner and thinner then I imagined. Another is the six-shooter also known as the “Colt Peacemaker”. This firearm was made by the Colt’s Fire Arms Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut and was an important weapon for the West.
In addition, the Van Male collection displays prehistoric stone tools and bronze age daggers. This was very interesting to me because of how old theses items were. It is so amazing to see artifacts from so long ago. Also, a British Highlander coat from the Crimean War era is displayed. The coat is red with gold buttons and lining while the cuffs and collar are mustard yellow. I think the British wear something similar to this day.
Overall, I enjoyed this visit to the Frazier Museum because every time I visit I learn and see new things that I would not experience anywhere else. Yet to this day, my favorite exhibit the Frazier Museum has held was the Princess Diana exhibit where they displayed several of her most famous outfits and jewels.

Amy Wright


Fort Pitt Museum


The Fort Pitt Museum Is located in Downtown Pittsburgh in Point State Park and is a small building loaded with interesting information about early Pittsburgh. The artifacts and showcases inside the museum are all from the 1700s when Fort Pitt was constructed and still standing. Fort Pitt was built during the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) by the British colonist from 1759 to 1761. Fort Pitt was built in a pentagon shape and was one of the most elaborate British forts in North America during that time. Fort Pitt was also used in the Pontiac’s War when the western Lenape and Shawnee attempted to force settlers out of their region. The museum claim that Fort Pitt was the “keystone of the Frontier” because of its pivotal role in the mid 18th century wars. August 3rd of 1797, Fort Pitt was decommissioned as a site by the Army and was soon there after torn down and its remains were passed out to residents of Pittsburgh. The only part of Fort Pitt remaining is the Blockhouse because it was used as a residence when the fort was being torn down. The Blockhouse is said the be the oldest building in Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed the Fort Pitt Museum and learned a lot of information on the beginnings of Pittsburgh.

Hello and good evening fellow citizens, my name is James Monroe and I am running for the Democratic-Republican Party in the election of 1816. I am speaking today about women in politics. Women should participate in politics because women have a different point of view and their opinions should be valued as equal to men’s. Men should not be the only ones to have a voice in your households. My opponent Rufus King and the rest of the Federalist Party are running out of steam. “Indications suggested that men may not be the best individuals to disseminate the new ideal.” (Zagarri, 125). This is because they are hiding the fact that the Federalists are not letting women be heard in the democratic process that our fathers and we fought so valiantly for less than fifty years ago. The last thing that this country needs is the start of another war.

The difference between fighting for “no taxation without representation” and denying half of our household’s suffrage rights is nominal. If we continue to refuse women the ability to have their voices heard in our unique democratic process, then we have already lost the basis of our nation. “Women, on the other hand, might be better positioned than men to inculcate the new liberal attitude toward party politics.” (Zagarri, 125). “Women might be able to ease the tensions between male partisans and instill the new liberal attitude toward party politics in their husbands and children.” (Zagarri, 126). Men and women should be able to have a say in the issues that affect them both equally. If your family believes that something is wrong then you should have the ability to change that. “Woman’s kindness of heart, would restrain ‘political and polemical disputation within the limits of decency and propriety: local contentions could be charmed away, and men might be softened down into beings altogether better fitted for the great purposes of life.” (Zagarri, 130). It is not necessary for women to have to speak through their spouses to be heard in society. It is our turn to take over and make changes for the good of our people and more importantly for women.

video project

Video Project


Hello, my name is Janet Liberty. I come to you today on behalf of the Federalist Party in this grand election year of 1816.  As a woman, I see the Federalist Party as the only political advocate for women’s rights today.  Our opponents, the Democratic - Republican Party, prefer that women stay as far away from politics as possible. They seem to believe that women cannot think or act on their own accord, but only under the guidance of man. “Passive Patriots” is what they like to think of women as.

The views of the Democratic - Republican Party are not equivalent to the ideals that this great nation was built upon during the battle for independence…. “liberty and justice for all”. The social- hierarchy that they envision does not include the rights of women nor does it allow any room for the advancement of women in any other role except a subsidiary to men. The only advancement that can be made from this is that of white males.

The Federalist Party recognizes the role that women have played in the birth and building of our nation. They consider women as active patriots for our country. The sacrifices and commitment that women made to the revolution did not go unnoticed by the Federalist, but rather praised and celebrated. Albeit the contributions different from women than that of men, each played a necessary role in regards to patriotism.

If by some ill misfortune that the Democratic-Republican party is victorious, the battle for the women’s rights shall be a mere whisper of the past. The Democratic - Republican Party will further extinguish voting rights for women.  Their masculine ideals of the world leave no room for free and forward thinking women with a voice. A democracy based on freedom for all is a mere joke if all free citizens aren’t allowed their chance to cast a vote to decide their fate.

When you cast your vote for this election, remember what we fought for some 40 odd years ago. Do we want to progress as a nation or continue to disregard the voice of the people.


Alexis Long-Daniels

HY 103-

February 26, 2015

Video Project Transcript

Dr. Kopelson

Libby Taylor



Election of 1816: Women in the Forefront



“Welcome to W.I.P. Women in Politiics, where we are WhIPing women into shape to argue for their political beliefs.”

“We are asking women in the city how they feel about the Election of 1816 and women’s involvement in politics.”

“Today we will be speaking with Kathy”

“Hi, Kathy how do you feel about women participating in the election during this era?”



“ I feel that women are better off at home raising these boys and teaching them the right way to vote instead of trying to vote themselves. Women’s continuing involvement in politics intensified social tensions and deepened the split between Federalists and Republicans. (pg. 116- Revolutionary Backlash) I think women should keep their business at home keeping the peace vs. being out at the voting polls causing more problems.”



“That’s true Kathy, thank you for your time.”

“ Now we are going to talk with Adrienne”

“Hi Adrienne, so how do you feel about women in politics during this era”



“ I feel that women should have the right to participate in any election they please. Their voices should be heard just as much as males. I believe my politics and my religion make just as much of an impact (pg. 120 Revolutionary Backlash) and I think women should hold both just as dear. We have more of a role in politics than just raising our boys to vote. We must teach them that mommies can vote too.”



“Well folks, looks like there’s still a divide in our political beliefs. But luckily now, women can choose which side to be on. Thanks for watching. Until next time!”

Person 1: Hello, How are you doing today?

Person 2: I am doing well! How are you?

Person 1: I’m fine but I just heard the worst news.

Person 2: Oh no, what is it?

Person 1: Myrtle supports the federalists! Can you believe this? I am just in shock, I cannot think of anything worse.

Person 2: Why is that so bad?

Person 1: Well those federalists support and help with the war efforts

Person 2: How? That is really impressive to me...

Person 1: well they help sew flags I cannot think of anything more awful for a woman to do

Person 2: how is this a bad thing?

Person 1: she should be supporting the Republican motherhood (Chapter 1 and 2)

Person 2: The what?

Person 1: Don’t you know anything the republican motherhood strives to teach our sons about how to be patriotic and support our freedoms.

Person 2: well why can’t our daughters participate just like our sons have the right to?

Person 1: you don’t want our daughters to be involved in politics. They will be like those manly women who neglect their children and families. It is a women’s duty to solely focus on our men and be subservient to them. (Chapter 2)

Person 2: These reasons sound ridiculous and out of date to me.

Person 2: I agree with more of the Federalist approach. By now woman can vote in New Jersey. Look at them, they haven't gone to ruins. Don't you want to be able to vote and have a say in your beloved country? (Chapter 2)

Person 1: well if you switch sides you won’t be able to eat, and shop were you could before. I want to be a proper and respectful women to men, and we are not wanted in politics, we are wanted at home, actually we are needed at home! (Chapter 5 )

Person 2: Wait wait why will I not be able to eat and shop wherever I please?

Person 1: Because many shops here in New England only cater to federalists or republicans (Chapter 5)

Person 1: women shouldn't even be allowed to discuss their views about politics because so many families are now being torn apart due to this political and national divide. Women just no not possess the capability to think about difficult subjects such as politics

Person 2: Why do you suggest these thoughts? We are smart. We are capable and needed. We have been credited with being a major part of winning the American Revolution. (Chapter 1)

Person 1: That is true, but women as a whole do not even know how to read, let alone write

Person 2: Well it is not our fault we are not allowed to go to school and obtain an education, but that can all change if we stand with the Federalists and earn the right to vote for our rights!

Person 1: I just do not think I am ready for that change and I do not want to offset the balance of our country, families, and men! The men are feeling very threatened by us, and I just do not feel comfortable standing up to this. (Chapter 3)

Person 2: Don’t you understand that times are changing and women’s involvement in politics is changing. We need to follow in the footsteps of Mary Wollstonecraft. She has opened up the debate on women’s rights and we owe not only her but ourselves the right to protect and help our country, if we so please. Whether my efforts help women in my lifetime or our daughters, I stand with the Federalists and their fight and support of women in politics. (Chapter 4)


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Mary: Hey Susanne! Have you thought about the upcoming election?

Susanne: Why hello Mary!

M: I must ask, have you thought about the upcoming election?

S: Why yes I have. However, I am feeling a bit torn between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.

M: Well Susanne, let me tell you how I feel about this upcoming election.

S: Please enlighten me, Mary.

M: Personally, my husband John and I have come to an agreement that he will be voting for the Federalist Party.

S: Really? My husband William is swaying toward the Democratic-Republicans.

M: The Federalists are a much better party for us women. Although they still may not allow us to vote, they really are in favor of women participating in politics.

S: William says that the Democratic-Republicans celebrate us women as long as we share their ideals (Zagarri 105).

M: Well you surely do not share all of their values. The Federalists are grateful for female supporters even if they do not agree in all aspects.

S: I never really thought about it like that.

M: I know that one Democratic-Republican “has employed an array of negatives stereotypes about women” (Zagarri 112).

S: Well how do you feel about the Federalists wanting to keep ties with Great Britain?

M: I fully agree with keeping out ties with Great Britain because the support of the trade and military power can help us now and in the future.

S: I am impressed with how informed you are. I wish I were able to place my own vote instead of relying on my husband’s.

M: If your husband will listen to anybody, it is going to be you. I think you can convince him to vote with the Federalists.

S: He is such an advocate of what Jefferson has built the Democratic-Republican Party on and I don’t know if he will budge.

M: Jefferson believes that Federalists will come around to his Anti-Federalist vision and merge into his party (Zagarri 122), but it is foolish to think that everyone would conform to his ideas.

S: Wow. This has been a very fulfilling conversation. You have really showed me the benefits of the Federalist Party. I hope I can convince William to change parties.

M: That’s great Susanne! I wish you luck in convincing your husband and I hope to see you around!