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Lisbeth Lopez

I visited the Tuscaloosa Museum of Aft. I absolutely loved everything about it. The first thing I noticed was the building themselves. The tour guide informed us that they were built to resemble a Japanese place. It was beautiful and the pond in the back added a great effect. Once we entered I was amazed at the great historical works of aft. One of the first paintings I saw was one of George Washington. It had flags in the background. This painting was relevant to the course because he was the first president of the United States and one of the founding fathers of our country. He was played a key role in the revolutionary war, which is a topic we discussed. The next piece of art that I took notice of was one of the siege of Yorktown. This relates to our class because we discussed the times of exploration of the Americas. Yorktown was one of the settled towns. This battle that took place in Yorktown was also the last major of the revolutionary war, which also ties back to President Washington who led the continental army. The last piece of art i observed was a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1840. This I thought was one of the most important pieces in the whole museum. This was the first time that American’s took a stand as a country. Some of the most important people in our countries history were in that room. This was the moment that we became the United States of America.


Script for history video project:


News Anchor: On tonight’s broadcast an exclusive interview with Elizabeth and James Monroe the democratic-republican candidate of the upcoming election of 1816.

Good evening and thank you for joining us on the nightly show, I’m Lisbeth Lopez. We are going to send you out to the Dirty Jerz with My co-host who is going to be discussing the hot topic women’s involvement in politics.

Obama: Hello and welcome to all! I am Barack Obama. I am here with Mr. and Mrs. Monroe, thank you for being here.

James Monroe: Thank you for having us.

Obama: My first question is for Elizabeth Monroe. Do believe women can play an active role in politics?

Elizabeth: Yes, of course. Women make up half of our nations population and we should be able to voice our opinions and help our men make a decision on whom to vote for. We can also partipate by collecting donations or attending meetings. We need a candidate who is going to represent ALL of interest well not just men.

Obama: we said Mrs.Monroe. Folks at home don’t go anywhere we will be back after these short messages.

Narrator: Rufus King says he is the perfect candidate and yet here is his making young children cry. King believes women are not suited for politics because of their great influence on men. King hates women who try to have a voice.

Hilary: a vote for Rufus king is no vote at all. #savethewomen #votejamesmonroe

James Monroe- My name is James Monroe and I approve of this message

Obama: so Let me be clear for our viewers at home, Do you agree with the statement Mr. Monroe that women should have a voice in politics?

James: yes, I do. Federalist like my opponent disagree. Party conflicts are what take us away from what is really important. The people. Women’s good morals and natural ability to pull us back down to see what is actually important is what politics lacks. We are moving into a liberal thinking society. Restraints from closed-minded politicians will only holds us back from the unavoidable reality. Women are going to continue to be free thinkers whether we agree with them or not.

Obama: Wise words from James Monroe and his wife Elizabeth. You heard it here first from what I believe is our future president. Thank you once again for your time.


James Monroe- THANKS OBAMA