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The presidential election of 1816 was between the candidates James Monroe and Rufus King of the Federalist party.

The following is a campaign ad from the Democratic Republican Party and their backing of James Monroe as the Next President of The United States of America.

James Monroe is the candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party. Monroe supports the involvement of women in politics while his opponent Rufus King who is the candidate for the Federalist Party does not support the involvement of women in politics.

Even though women cannot run for office James Monroe believes that the active involvement of women in politics is critical to a fully functioning democracy with liberty and justice for all in the United States of America.

Our opponent, ruthless federalist Rufus King believes that women are not competent enough to have a say in politics or even deserve the right to vote, much less be able to hold a political office. King is a tyrant and hater of equal rights and believes that women are only suitable for work in a kitchen and around a house such as cooking and raising children and nothing more.

In this election, there has been a dramatic a rise in women’s support for their candidates. Women are showing their support in this election by showing their presence and cooking for different events.

Women are also wearing the colors and symbols of their preferred party in an effort to show support for their candidates.

As an Anti- Federalist and as a Democratic Republican, James Monroe believes that everyone including women should have a voice and opinion in politics in this country’s great democracy.


James Monroe: 1816 Election Campaign Ad Script

NARRATOR: Respectable. Trustworthy. A leader. James Monroe. He is the man our United States needs. But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few words from our Democratic-Republican supporters.

WOMAN: (Disguised as a man.) I, for one, totally support James Monroe. I find that the Democratic - Republican Party is, in general, exceedingly noble. From their earliest days, they believed that the revolution was more. They saw it as a struggle for social order, and all men and women are entitled to their natural rights (149). I admire their emphasis on local control (83). And I promise my vote to Mr. Monroe—if I could! (Removes disguise, the crowd gasps.) While I find the Democratic – Republicans as the finest of parties, I must disagree when they state that voting is a privilege for men alone! You, whose ideals steam from the French Revolution’s call to “equality” and “liberty” contradict yourselves by not distributing the same liberties to everyone, including women (149). You, yourselves, have even said in the past after a Fourth of July party, “The ladies who this day honored our party with their presence—May we continue to deserve your favors. (85)” But if you really held our presence in such high esteem, why do you refuse to have us in the voting booths and public forums? We are not just wives. We are no longer stuck in the antebellum era or simply as Republican mothers (6). We are your equals, and I ask that if, by the grace of God, you win, Mr. Monroe, you do not forget those who would have soundly voted for you if we had the chance. Remember, “the mind has no sex. (12)” Do not silence us any further—

NARRATOR:  Thank you, good sir, for your kind words. Vote James Monroe for president. He’s the man this country needs.

Narrator: Edith, a pompous Federalist supporter, is visiting her neighbor Susie, a more forward-thinking Democratic-Republican Party backer.

Edith (Federalist) Susie (Democratic-Republican)
walks in knitting
Hello neighbor Susie. What are you knitting?
Oh hello Edith. Nice to see you. I am knitting a new bathing suit, I am thinking about making one that may show a little shoulder.
Oh my heavens! Why would you do such a thing?!
Haha just being a bit progressive. We don’t always have to live like it is 1800.
Pff there is no need to be progressive.Is your husband going to vote in the election? Mine is voting for Rufus King, the Federalist, he doesn’t want to see another War like the one a few years back (100)
My husband is going to vote Monroe. I helped persuade him – I think it was great that we fought the British back off. I want a president that won’t shy away from fighting them off again. (95)
You influenced your husband to vote?! How?
Well . . wispers
Oh my heavens! That is sinful! Why do you try to influence him?
Hahaha well it worked! I think women should have a role in politics. Just call me a Female Politician! (50-68)
Sinful term!
Women should get at least a little say. That is why I like the Democratic-Republican party. They are starting to loosen voting rules. It’s a slippery slope. (149-150)
Slippery slope to hell!Women have no business in voting.
Suit yourself; you’ll great great granddaughters will thank me when they can vote in 104 years! (19th Amendment)


Narrator: Women of America: You are the greatest single influence in your husband’s choice of candidate. Influence him to vote for James Monroe and the Democratic - Republican Party to keep the ball rolling toward voting rights for women.


All page numbers in bold are from Rosemarie Zagarri’s Revolutionary Backlash, 2007.

James Monroe:

My fellow Americans, we, the Democratic-Republican Party, are “the true heirs and rightful protectors of the American revolutionary legacy” (Zagarri 149). Since the Constitution allows each state to determine their own voting qualifications, we must protect the voting rights of white men state by state.

The Federalist Party believes that “voting should remain the privilege of the propertied classes” (Zagarri 149) and “they [see] no need to extend the franchise to women” (Zagarri 151). We hope to chisel away the deviances in order to promote universal male suffrage. We must remember that voting is a right for persons and not a right of property. With that being said, women must understand that as time goes on, the arguments for excluding women from voting will become weaker and weaker (Zagarri 152). This makes our party the true party for women’s rights and the rights of all underprivileged people.

Furthermore, the federalists claim that we want to subdue women from contributing to this great nation. However, the Federalist’s party attempted to turn women against the war that promoted the protection of our nation from tyranny. Unlike the Anti-Federalist women who were encouraged to support this great country, Federalist women sat back, and quietly opposed the war (Zagarri 101). In opposition, we strongly encouraged women to help in the War of 1812 and continue to acknowledge their great efforts. From the fundraising in Frankfort, Kentucky, to founding the stocking society in New York, women were very influential in their contributions. In fact, “the republican press portrayed their women as exemplars of unselfish patriotism who put the national cause above their personal reservations and fears” (Zagarri 99).

I, James Monroe, and the Democratic-Republican Party are certain the women of this great nation can feel assured that their efforts did not go in vain. Not only are women important in this great nation, but I firmly believe that it is my party that supports them and their rights. I am James Monroe and I approve this message.

In the upcoming election that will play a large role in the politics of today, I, Federalist Rufus King will face off against the Democratic-Republican James Monroe. From my perspective James Monroe is in the wrong in many ways. His fellow party member and predecessor forced Federalist women into serving the nation during the War of 1812, which caused uproar among many women. This caused some people to resist their government and to up and leave the country altogether (101). When these women were obligated to perform labor for the country, it turned them against politics. Women should not have the pressure of politics forced on their shoulders. They obviously do not want any part in what we as politicians do, so why push them further and force them to do what they despise? My opponent believes that by allowing women to partake in politics that the nation will benefit as a whole. If women are given more political power then their incompetence will hold them back from performing the duties required of politicians. To be a politician you must have a drive for it, and these women have shown that they do not deserve a chance at that by abandoning their country during a time of war. Men are much more capable than woman, both physically and mentally. Men hold the determination to stand for their rights, which the women are trying to gain for themselves So go out today and vote for Rufus King so that men can hold on to what is left of your rights and re-gain control!

Dolly Madison: I'm so glad we got together to have a tea party.

Marjorie: Me too! You have a beautiful home.

Annabelle: How are you doing with the election?

Dolly: Well, I'm dealing with it. He's acting like I'm not well educated on the election.

Marjorie: What do you mean?

Dolly: He doesn't think it's the woman's place to advise the man on political issues.

Annabelle: Does he even listen to you?

Dolly: Everything I say goes in one ear and out the other.

Marjorie:Well he's your husbands so he should take what you say into consideration.

Annabelle: If women are allowed to read and write they should have an opinion in politics.

Dolly: I agree, I do consider myself as a female politician.

Marjorie: Except you are not voted in.

Annabelle: Well, I just hope the election goes well.

Dolly: Me too

Marjorie: Thank you so much for having us over for tea

Annabelle: Yes, thank you, we should do it more often.

Dolly: I agree, we will get together soon. 

Dale Josephson

HY 103-011


Democratic-Republican Candidate


Good afternoon, my name is Nathaniel Johnson and I am the democratic-republican candidate in this year’s presidential election.

I am going to be talking about the role I believe women should play in our political system. Speaking for my constituents and myself, we firmly believe women shouldn’t be involved in our political system. As Rosemarie Zagarri says in her book Revolutionary Backlash we are “broadening the franchise for men, states increasingly [begin] to exclude women from the vote, explicitly limiting suffrage to “free, white males” (Zagarri 6).


Ah fresh air,

I wish to cast women out of our political system with the full force of the law, before this revolutionary idea women were not restricted from politics, but didn’t participate as was the custom. We wish to enforce this. Not only will women and non-whites be barred from voting, but from politics altogether.


Our stance against women is for a better America. As many of our supporters recognize, we are “true ‘friends of the people.’ [We] believe that the War for Independence represented the first step in a larger struggle to transform the social order” (Zagarri 149). We are creating a new America for the people. And it is a fundamental right for all men to vote. Well, only white men.


Don’t you love the beach,

Anyway, looking to the future I strongly believe in the denial of any women’s political affiliation. This would be counterproductive to all men’s rights to vote. I’m Nathaniel Johnson and vote for me.



“Are you tired of women not having a larger role in society?”

“Are you fed up with men being given all the power?”

“For several decades now, women have not been awarded many of the same rights that men have?”

“For example, women do not have the same economic and educational opportunities as their male counterparts.” (Pg. 7, 12)

“Additionally, women do not have the right to vote in many states across the country and cannot hold elected office positions.”  (Pg. 29)

“The Democratic Republicans believe that a woman’s role is to tend to the family’s needs. They believe a woman’s responsibility should revolve around household tasks.”

“This is the same party that initiated the War of 1812, a war that could have been dodged with the conversant approach of women.

“In fact, women displayed their patriotism during the war by banding together to sew clothing and flags for the service members to carry into battle. So why shouldn’t they be allowed to serve for our country.” (Pg. 100)

“The Federalists Party believes in the natural rights. That is the rights that all humans are born with. This shift in thinking will give women a larger role in politics.” (Pg. 174)

“With Federalists in power, women will be able to expand their knowledge into the political realm, and outside of the household.

“Women aren’t just wives and mothers; they are intelligent beings capable of doing great things. They are the backbone of our society.

“So put an end to women not having the opportunity to serve. Put an end to this constant urge of women withdrawing from party politics. And put an end to the overall inequality women face.” (116)

“In this upcoming election, support the Federalists Party and watch this country progress and move away from the shadow of Great Britain.”

Guy- “Message brought to you by the Woman for Federalists and approved by Rufus King and the Federalists Party.”


Elizabeth (blonde): Good evening Martha, how are you tonight?

Martha (brunette): I’m doing well, I just came over to see how the baby is doing.

Elizabeth: Oh, he’s growing more every day. Say, Martha, do you know who your husband is going to be voting for in the upcoming election?

Martha: Andrew and I haven’t really talked about it, but I think I want him to vote for James Monroe. I know it isn’t my place to say, but I think he and the Democratic-Republicans can do the best for this country and for women now.

Elizabeth: What does he have to offer that is different, though? It sounds like neither of the parties have women’s real interests at heart.

Martha: Well actually Monroe’s party wants us women to be able to vote and participate in politics. In New Jersey they are already letting women vote. Why can’t it happen here? Monroe believes that women can contribute in politics just as much as men can. Maybe even more.

Elizabeth: I didn’t know that. I make decisions for the house when my husband is gone, so why shouldn’t a woman be able to have a voice in making decisions for the country? If anything, women could make better decisions now, because we have less history with politics, so our decisions won’t be as emotional as some men’s.

Martha: That is why I want Andrew to vote for James Monroe. Just think, maybe we women could even own land of our own one day.

Elizabeth: I will talk to Stephen tonight and see who he is going to vote for. I hope it isn’t Rufus King. I will try to win him over for james monroe if he is voting for Rufus.

Martha: I will do the same. Now I have to get back to the house. Dinner is almost ready, and Andrew doesn't like it if i make him wait.

Elizabeth: I have to get in to finish, too. Maybe soon our husbands will be doing the cooking for us.

Martha: I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one, honey. Have a nice night.