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Logan Hocutt Haley Swanson Script

Haley Swanson

Logan Hocutt




The presidential election of 1816 was between the candidates James Monroe and Rufus King of the Federalist party.

The following is a campaign ad from the Democratic Republican Party and their backing of James Monroe as the Next President of The United States of America.

James Monroe is the candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party. Monroe supports the involvement of women in politics while his opponent Rufus King who is the candidate for the Federalist Party does not support the involvement of women in politics.

Even though women cannot run for office James Monroe believes that the active involvement of women in politics is critical to a fully functioning democracy with liberty and justice for all in the United States of America.

Our opponent, ruthless federalist Rufus King believes that women are not competent enough to have a say in politics or even deserve the right to vote, much less be able to hold a political office. King is a tyrant and hater of equal rights and believes that women are only suitable for work in a kitchen and around a house such as cooking and raising children and nothing more.

In this election, there has been a dramatic a rise in women’s support for their candidates. Women are showing their support in this election by showing their presence and cooking for different events.

Women are also wearing the colors and symbols of their preferred party in an effort to show support for their candidates.

As an Anti- Federalist and as a Democratic Republican, James Monroe believes that everyone including women should have a voice and opinion in politics in this country’s great democracy.