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Brian Schacht and Karleigh Johnson

Video Project

Federalists: The government should have power over the people.

Democratic Republicans: No! They need to have a voice and be able to express their opinions and views

Federalists: We should mimic the British government, giving more power to those in charge.

Democratic Republicans: The people want to be able to have freedoms; they came over here to get away from Britain’s rule.

Federalists: Well if we go to war, who is going to protect them? We need a centralized government to go to war.

Women Enter Protesting

Wife: Give American’s our rights to argue our opinions!!

Federalist Husband: What are you all doing here? Everyone knows women cannot be politicians.

Man: You should be at home taking care of your family.

Wife: It’s not fair to us to be governed by a nation that has no regard for our opinions.

Federalist Husband: Go Home Now! We can talk about this at dinner.

Women Exits

Scene enters at dinner in home

Federalist Husband: What is for dinner?

Woman: Your favorite, Chicken stew with potatoes.

Federalist Husband: You know me so well.

Woman: You were very angry today at your meeting.

Federalist Husband: Yes, but only because those democratic republicans don’t know what they are talking about.

Woman: Don’t you think there is a better way discussing the matter, instead of just yelling at each other?

Federalist Husband: Yes, is that what you and your friends were trying to say when you came in today?

Woman: Yes, but none of you men will take us serious enough out in public.

Federalist Husband: You have a good point, but society does not accept women to express their views in politics.

Federalist Husband: You will have to find more creative ways of voicing your opinion. Instead disrupting one of our meetings, tell me what you think and Ill make sure to address it in our next meeting.

Woman: Oh thank you honey, you are so sweet, just remember that yelling back and forth at each other won’t accomplish anything. Instead be respectful even if your views are not the same.

Scene moves to next meeting

Federalist Husband: I have an announcement to make to everyone. There is a better way to go about deciding what is best for our nation. I know we disagree and our views don’t exactly match up but there is a more civilized way to do this.

Democratic Republicans: You know what, you’re right! After thinking over dinner last night with my family I believe we should go about this a different as too. Bickering won’t get us anywhere. Instead we need to listen to what each side has to say.

Meeting goes on

The end