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James Monroe’s Campaign Advertisement for the Election of 1816 (Allen Engle and Charles Nottingham)

James Monroe:

My fellow Americans, we, the Democratic-Republican Party, are “the true heirs and rightful protectors of the American revolutionary legacy” (Zagarri 149). Since the Constitution allows each state to determine their own voting qualifications, we must protect the voting rights of white men state by state.

The Federalist Party believes that “voting should remain the privilege of the propertied classes” (Zagarri 149) and “they [see] no need to extend the franchise to women” (Zagarri 151). We hope to chisel away the deviances in order to promote universal male suffrage. We must remember that voting is a right for persons and not a right of property. With that being said, women must understand that as time goes on, the arguments for excluding women from voting will become weaker and weaker (Zagarri 152). This makes our party the true party for women’s rights and the rights of all underprivileged people.

Furthermore, the federalists claim that we want to subdue women from contributing to this great nation. However, the Federalist’s party attempted to turn women against the war that promoted the protection of our nation from tyranny. Unlike the Anti-Federalist women who were encouraged to support this great country, Federalist women sat back, and quietly opposed the war (Zagarri 101). In opposition, we strongly encouraged women to help in the War of 1812 and continue to acknowledge their great efforts. From the fundraising in Frankfort, Kentucky, to founding the stocking society in New York, women were very influential in their contributions. In fact, “the republican press portrayed their women as exemplars of unselfish patriotism who put the national cause above their personal reservations and fears” (Zagarri 99).

I, James Monroe, and the Democratic-Republican Party are certain the women of this great nation can feel assured that their efforts did not go in vain. Not only are women important in this great nation, but I firmly believe that it is my party that supports them and their rights. I am James Monroe and I approve this message.