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In the upcoming election that will play a large role in the politics of today, I, Federalist Rufus King will face off against the Democratic-Republican James Monroe. From my perspective James Monroe is in the wrong in many ways. His fellow party member and predecessor forced Federalist women into serving the nation during the War of 1812, which caused uproar among many women. This caused some people to resist their government and to up and leave the country altogether (101). When these women were obligated to perform labor for the country, it turned them against politics. Women should not have the pressure of politics forced on their shoulders. They obviously do not want any part in what we as politicians do, so why push them further and force them to do what they despise? My opponent believes that by allowing women to partake in politics that the nation will benefit as a whole. If women are given more political power then their incompetence will hold them back from performing the duties required of politicians. To be a politician you must have a drive for it, and these women have shown that they do not deserve a chance at that by abandoning their country during a time of war. Men are much more capable than woman, both physically and mentally. Men hold the determination to stand for their rights, which the women are trying to gain for themselves So go out today and vote for Rufus King so that men can hold on to what is left of your rights and re-gain control!