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Face of Equality: The Federalists Party; Akeeb Tejani



“Are you tired of women not having a larger role in society?”

“Are you fed up with men being given all the power?”

“For several decades now, women have not been awarded many of the same rights that men have?”

“For example, women do not have the same economic and educational opportunities as their male counterparts.” (Pg. 7, 12)

“Additionally, women do not have the right to vote in many states across the country and cannot hold elected office positions.”  (Pg. 29)

“The Democratic Republicans believe that a woman’s role is to tend to the family’s needs. They believe a woman’s responsibility should revolve around household tasks.”

“This is the same party that initiated the War of 1812, a war that could have been dodged with the conversant approach of women.

“In fact, women displayed their patriotism during the war by banding together to sew clothing and flags for the service members to carry into battle. So why shouldn’t they be allowed to serve for our country.” (Pg. 100)

“The Federalists Party believes in the natural rights. That is the rights that all humans are born with. This shift in thinking will give women a larger role in politics.” (Pg. 174)

“With Federalists in power, women will be able to expand their knowledge into the political realm, and outside of the household.

“Women aren’t just wives and mothers; they are intelligent beings capable of doing great things. They are the backbone of our society.

“So put an end to women not having the opportunity to serve. Put an end to this constant urge of women withdrawing from party politics. And put an end to the overall inequality women face.” (116)

“In this upcoming election, support the Federalists Party and watch this country progress and move away from the shadow of Great Britain.”

Guy- “Message brought to you by the Woman for Federalists and approved by Rufus King and the Federalists Party.”