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Election of 1816 DR by Dale Josephson 

Dale Josephson

HY 103-011


Democratic-Republican Candidate


Good afternoon, my name is Nathaniel Johnson and I am the democratic-republican candidate in this year’s presidential election.

I am going to be talking about the role I believe women should play in our political system. Speaking for my constituents and myself, we firmly believe women shouldn’t be involved in our political system. As Rosemarie Zagarri says in her book Revolutionary Backlash we are “broadening the franchise for men, states increasingly [begin] to exclude women from the vote, explicitly limiting suffrage to “free, white males” (Zagarri 6).


Ah fresh air,

I wish to cast women out of our political system with the full force of the law, before this revolutionary idea women were not restricted from politics, but didn’t participate as was the custom. We wish to enforce this. Not only will women and non-whites be barred from voting, but from politics altogether.


Our stance against women is for a better America. As many of our supporters recognize, we are “true ‘friends of the people.’ [We] believe that the War for Independence represented the first step in a larger struggle to transform the social order” (Zagarri 149). We are creating a new America for the people. And it is a fundamental right for all men to vote. Well, only white men.


Don’t you love the beach,

Anyway, looking to the future I strongly believe in the denial of any women’s political affiliation. This would be counterproductive to all men’s rights to vote. I’m Nathaniel Johnson and vote for me.