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James Monroe: 1816 Election Campaign Ad Script

NARRATOR: Respectable. Trustworthy. A leader. James Monroe. He is the man our United States needs. But don’t just take our word for it, here are a few words from our Democratic-Republican supporters.

WOMAN: (Disguised as a man.) I, for one, totally support James Monroe. I find that the Democratic - Republican Party is, in general, exceedingly noble. From their earliest days, they believed that the revolution was more. They saw it as a struggle for social order, and all men and women are entitled to their natural rights (149). I admire their emphasis on local control (83). And I promise my vote to Mr. Monroe—if I could! (Removes disguise, the crowd gasps.) While I find the Democratic – Republicans as the finest of parties, I must disagree when they state that voting is a privilege for men alone! You, whose ideals steam from the French Revolution’s call to “equality” and “liberty” contradict yourselves by not distributing the same liberties to everyone, including women (149). You, yourselves, have even said in the past after a Fourth of July party, “The ladies who this day honored our party with their presence—May we continue to deserve your favors. (85)” But if you really held our presence in such high esteem, why do you refuse to have us in the voting booths and public forums? We are not just wives. We are no longer stuck in the antebellum era or simply as Republican mothers (6). We are your equals, and I ask that if, by the grace of God, you win, Mr. Monroe, you do not forget those who would have soundly voted for you if we had the chance. Remember, “the mind has no sex. (12)” Do not silence us any further—

NARRATOR:  Thank you, good sir, for your kind words. Vote James Monroe for president. He’s the man this country needs.