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Narrator: Edith, a pompous Federalist supporter, is visiting her neighbor Susie, a more forward-thinking Democratic-Republican Party backer.

Edith (Federalist) Susie (Democratic-Republican)
walks in knitting
Hello neighbor Susie. What are you knitting?
Oh hello Edith. Nice to see you. I am knitting a new bathing suit, I am thinking about making one that may show a little shoulder.
Oh my heavens! Why would you do such a thing?!
Haha just being a bit progressive. We don’t always have to live like it is 1800.
Pff there is no need to be progressive.Is your husband going to vote in the election? Mine is voting for Rufus King, the Federalist, he doesn’t want to see another War like the one a few years back (100)
My husband is going to vote Monroe. I helped persuade him – I think it was great that we fought the British back off. I want a president that won’t shy away from fighting them off again. (95)
You influenced your husband to vote?! How?
Well . . wispers
Oh my heavens! That is sinful! Why do you try to influence him?
Hahaha well it worked! I think women should have a role in politics. Just call me a Female Politician! (50-68)
Sinful term!
Women should get at least a little say. That is why I like the Democratic-Republican party. They are starting to loosen voting rules. It’s a slippery slope. (149-150)
Slippery slope to hell!Women have no business in voting.
Suit yourself; you’ll great great granddaughters will thank me when they can vote in 104 years! (19th Amendment)


Narrator: Women of America: You are the greatest single influence in your husband’s choice of candidate. Influence him to vote for James Monroe and the Democratic - Republican Party to keep the ball rolling toward voting rights for women.


All page numbers in bold are from Rosemarie Zagarri’s Revolutionary Backlash, 2007.