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Alexis Long-Daniels

HY 103-

February 26, 2015

Video Project Transcript

Dr. Kopelson

Libby Taylor



Election of 1816: Women in the Forefront



“Welcome to W.I.P. Women in Politiics, where we are WhIPing women into shape to argue for their political beliefs.”

“We are asking women in the city how they feel about the Election of 1816 and women’s involvement in politics.”

“Today we will be speaking with Kathy”

“Hi, Kathy how do you feel about women participating in the election during this era?”



“ I feel that women are better off at home raising these boys and teaching them the right way to vote instead of trying to vote themselves. Women’s continuing involvement in politics intensified social tensions and deepened the split between Federalists and Republicans. (pg. 116- Revolutionary Backlash) I think women should keep their business at home keeping the peace vs. being out at the voting polls causing more problems.”



“That’s true Kathy, thank you for your time.”

“ Now we are going to talk with Adrienne”

“Hi Adrienne, so how do you feel about women in politics during this era”



“ I feel that women should have the right to participate in any election they please. Their voices should be heard just as much as males. I believe my politics and my religion make just as much of an impact (pg. 120 Revolutionary Backlash) and I think women should hold both just as dear. We have more of a role in politics than just raising our boys to vote. We must teach them that mommies can vote too.”



“Well folks, looks like there’s still a divide in our political beliefs. But luckily now, women can choose which side to be on. Thanks for watching. Until next time!”