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Women and the Election of 1816 Video Project Script


Michelle Azar (as Mary Alsop King), Cheryl Clifton (as Elizabeth Monroe), Richard Ramsey (as the Announcer)


Announcer: Today we will discuss women’s’ participation regarding the elections of 1816. We have Mary Alsop King, the wife of former presidential candidate, Rufus King and Elizabeth Monroe, wife of president James Monroe.


Mary: Hmm, where to start? Women’s political participation has progressed so much since the American Revolution?


Elizabeth: Yes, at first we were simply expected to sew, raise our sons to be good …

(say at the same time) Elizabeth: Republicans.   Mary: Federalists. (p.92)


Mary: Then we created reading circles (p.56)


Elizabeth: -Literary Societies


Mary: In which women discussed politics and other interests for our enlightenment.


Elizabeth: Some women began using print media to express their views, instead of simply influencing their husbands. (p. 50, 54-55)


Mary: Oftentimes, especially during the war of 1812, we were used as symbols of true patriotism or vile representatives of our adversaries. (p. 98, 102-103,110)


Elizabeth: More directly, republican women aided by boycotting goods, creating homespun clothing, and collecting money for our troops (p.99)


Mary: Federalists women opposed the war and we refused to show any encouragement for it. (p. 100-101)


Elizabeth: We should (continue American Women’s progression by) modeling ourselves after the French women who marched against the monarchy to end their subordination to men. (103)


Mary: Like those masculinized women called to bear arms in the papers? They were myths! In any case, this war has deepened the rift between political factions.


Elizabeth: That’s why I “influenced” my husband to travel the country and heal these rifts! Maybe if you stopped listening to mumble news and contributed your husband would have won the election. (p.123)


Mary: Like the gossip about former President Thomas Jefferson and his elicit affair?

I do love a good paper. (p.106)


Elizabeth: More like the portrayal of federalists as the strumpets of our society! (p.112)


Mary: Your mothers a strumpet!


Announcer: And that concludes our discussion of women and the presidential election of 1816!


Alexis Long-Daniels

HY 103-

February 26, 2015

Video Project Transcript

Dr. Kopelson

Libby Taylor



Election of 1816: Women in the Forefront



“Welcome to W.I.P. Women in Politiics, where we are WhIPing women into shape to argue for their political beliefs.”

“We are asking women in the city how they feel about the Election of 1816 and women’s involvement in politics.”

“Today we will be speaking with Kathy”

“Hi, Kathy how do you feel about women participating in the election during this era?”



“ I feel that women are better off at home raising these boys and teaching them the right way to vote instead of trying to vote themselves. Women’s continuing involvement in politics intensified social tensions and deepened the split between Federalists and Republicans. (pg. 116- Revolutionary Backlash) I think women should keep their business at home keeping the peace vs. being out at the voting polls causing more problems.”



“That’s true Kathy, thank you for your time.”

“ Now we are going to talk with Adrienne”

“Hi Adrienne, so how do you feel about women in politics during this era”



“ I feel that women should have the right to participate in any election they please. Their voices should be heard just as much as males. I believe my politics and my religion make just as much of an impact (pg. 120 Revolutionary Backlash) and I think women should hold both just as dear. We have more of a role in politics than just raising our boys to vote. We must teach them that mommies can vote too.”



“Well folks, looks like there’s still a divide in our political beliefs. But luckily now, women can choose which side to be on. Thanks for watching. Until next time!”

How I Met Your Mother Election of 1816

Ted: Kids have I ever told you the story of how I met your mother?

Kids: No!

Ted: It’s a great story kids. It all started during the Election of 1816 where James Monroe for the Democratic-Republican Party was running against Rufus King of the Federalist Party


Ted: I really don’t know who I’m going to vote for, do I vote for Rufus King and try to keep the Federalist Party alive or do I vote for James Monroe and keep the Virginia Dynasty in office

Friend: How do you not know who you are going to vote for when we are on the way to the vote? You better hurry up and decide


Ted: Excuse me may I ask why you are campaigning for Monroe?

Woman: Of course. I am campaigning for James Monroe because women’s voices across America need to be heard and with James Monroe and the Democratic - Republican Party we have a better chance of making our opinion matter!

Ted: I didn’t know women’s opinions weren’t valued or heard much in politics

Woman: Yes our opinions are not valued as much as Men’s opinions in politics and if Rufus King is elected into office our opinions and values will continue to be ignored. James Monroe will help loosen voting rules for women so we can have the right to vote on who becomes President. Right now the only state women can vote in is New Jersey (pg. 47), and like Mary Wollstonecraft said “Given by God, these rights were universal, inherent in the condition of being human being, and they applied to all the people, regardless of sex.” (pg. 40)

Ted: Wow! I never knew women had such a problem having their opinions and voices being heard, I always thought they just did not care

Woman: We have cared for a long time and have been writing articles in newspapers trying to have our opinions voiced for a long time. Women want to be involved in politics and not just be known as female politicians but politicians equal to men and James Monroe can help get us there

Ted: Well that sure does make a good case for voting for James Monroe but I’m not sure I’m still 100% certain on who to vote for.

Woman: Another reason why you should vote for Monroe is because the Federalist Party is falling apart. They are the ones who opposed to War of 1812 (pg. 110-111)

Ted: How could you oppose the War of 1812 we needed to fend of the British again?

Woman: Exactly! Rufus King and the Federalist were against the War of 1812 and if the Federalist were in office we would probably be under the rule of the British once more. The Federalist Party is falling apart and if you care about protecting America and help giving Women the right to be involved in party politics and having our voices be heard throughout the nation Vote for James Monroe!

Ted: I’m definitely going to vote for James Monroe now!

By the way do you happen to be single?

Woman: Yes. Me and my husband divorced. He was a Federalist.

Back to the Present

Ted: And kids that is How I Met Your Mother

Video Project Script: Rufus King Campaign Video (Federalist Party)


-Hi, I’m former New York Senator Rufus King and I want to be your next president of the United States.

-I will be representing the Federalist party in this years upcoming election. If I am elected to be your next president, I promise I will lead this great nation in the right direction and help it progress towards a brighter future for all Americans.

-The first step in my plan for a brighter future and forward thinking nation is welcoming political input from all Americans including men and women alike.

-Our country is filled with bright intelligent women who deserve to be involved in making political decisions and we stand to gain a great deal as a nation by listening to what they have to say. By listening to the views of every American citizen, we can create a government that reflects the ideologies of more Americans, and ensure that we remain a nation that everyone can be proud to live in.

-The next step towards a brighter future is mending our poor relationship with Great Britain. Great Britain has successfully remained a dominant world power for many years and share much of the same ideology as us.

It is in our nation’s best interest to remain close allies with them economically, and politically. In the future they will prove to be one of our most important trade partners, and a crucial ally in future conflicts with their advanced forces and experienced veterans.

-My last order of business will be to ensure that everyone living within our great nation can have the freedom they deserve, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as it was promised by our founding fathers. Every American deserves these rights, no matter their gender or race, which is why a brighter future for the United States includes the freeing of all slaves and treating every human being equally.

-With a vote for me, Senator Rufus King, for your next President of the United States, you are voting for a brighter future. With me in office, our economic and political future will be safe. With me in office, we can become a more forward thinking nation that respects the rights and opinions of every American citizen, no matter their gender or race.

-So vote for me, Senator Rufus King, for a brighter future.

It’s YOUR Election Too


Introduction Music


Rufus King: Ladies, as you may know we are in the midst of the election of the century. The rogue Democratic Republicans want to destroy all the things we have worked so hard to build. But the time is never too late to act! We need your help in defeating these sadistic scofflaws, and returning our country to its patriotic ideals! The Federalist’s party needs you, our beloved Ladies, to create wonderful barbeques and bake election cakes for supporters of the Federalists cause. If we can come together and do this, then we can save this country from the wrath of the Democratic Republicans. I would now like to introduce Catherine Maria Sedgwick, daughter of Theodore Sedgwick, and renowned author, who will talk to you about what you can do for the Federalist effort.


Catherine Maria Sedgwick: My fellow ladies. The time has come for us to help the patriotic cause more than ever. Thomas Jefferson has called women to remain in homes and not bother with politics, and has even made a movement to deny postmistresses from fulfilling out their husbands duties, but this is all Democratic Republican propaganda. Us women need to take action in politics, not for our fame or praise, but for the sake of patriotism and country. I urge all of you to host the greatest barbeques and parties celebrating the movement for OUR Federalist cause. But the action does not stop at parties and cookouts. The Federalist cause needs you to be our voice inside the home. Teach your children about the importance of federalism and patriotism. Converse with your husband about what he has done to support the Federalist cause and ultimately his country, in an effort to motivate him to go vote and support the Federalist party and ultimately patriotism.


Rufus King: Ladies, at this time we hope that you remember what is important to you and your family. We hope that the ideals of patriotism ring true from now until the election. We look forward to seeing your support and your husbands at the poles.

Closing Music

Hello everyone,

My name is Herbert Abernathy. Im the Federalist candidate running for President of the United States in this 1812 election. Little bit about myself, in West Philadelphia born and raised, on the plantation is where I spent most of my days. Chillin out, maxim, relaxin all cool. Farmin tobacco everyday after school, when a couple of guys who were up to some good, started legislation in my neighborhood. I spoke at one demonstration and the people got moved, and said " You moving with your Auntie and Uncle Sam to DC." As you can see, I have all american roots. I enjoy doing American things like eating guacamole, and owning people. I understand the struggles of everyday american life. And I wish to be a voice for the American people. I would like to bring a few matters to your attention. President James Madison and the republican party have done an excellent job of getting our country through some tough times. But there is always room for improvement. The republican party claims to support the natural rights of man, which contradicts their exclusion of women in politics. Yes, the republicans were very successful in getting us through the war of 1812, but this would not have been possible with out you, ladies. Women across the nation pulled together and produced American made goods which allowed us to boycott British goods. They've also proved their political competence by their involvement in public political gatherings. When women were temporarily given the right to vote in New Jersey, they proved yet again they were capable of participating alongside men in politics. As your original governing body, the Federalists party strongly believes that women should be viewed equally in politics. The immoral republicans look down upon women and fail to recognize or appreciate women's essential role in society. If elected, i guarantee to establish Federalists beliefs including equal representation of women in all future political endeavors. This will bring about a new era of change and prosperity that will allow our beautiful country to move forward. I'd like to thank you for your time and I'll see you at the voting polls this fall. Also, before I leave, you might have seen my ads. My oldest negro ran away lately. Curtis Lowe, he's about sixty years old, he's got white and curly hair, plays an old dobro. So you might see him outside an old country store with a fifth of wine strumming his old guitar. He might be the best picker to ever play the blues. So if you see him, be sure to send him back my way. And remember, chicks dig Abernathy.

Federalists campaign Ad

  • After the American Revolution, the people of the United States were promised equality, unity, and freedom from Britain.
  • Most people assumed that voting on government officials would be considered a natural right and part of the promise of equality that would arise from the Revolution.
  • Sadly, this was not the case. “The American political system failed to embody those ideals for substantial portions of its population. It denied equal rights to all black people and to nearly one-half of the white population: women.”
  • Luckily, the legislature in New Jersey, just recently made a change by entitling more people the right to vote.
  • Since then, uproars in many different areas of the country have continued, simply because mass media is allowing today’s people to see that only small groups of people are making change. People are beginning to see inequality from one state to another
  • We as federalists want to take big steps to have equality for all.
  • That we is why we are asking you, (Picture of women), to support us in the upcoming election.
  • We promise to strive…
  1. To make a systematic national banking system, to manage our own expenses separate from Britain. We will no longer fight with Britain or the other political party, but coexist and keep peace with our trading countries and natives.
  2. We also strive to end prejudice towards any groups of people, including but not limited to: African American, women, and opposing political parties. As hypocritical, Republican Jefferson—the anti-woman supporter—says, “Every difference and opinion is not a difference of principle. We have called by different names, brother and of the same principle, we are all republicans; we are all federalists.” (121-122)
  • In the war of 1812, the republicans have done nothing but maintain a divided country that does not allow room for growth or change.. Even though we were promised this in the revolution, the war of 1812 showed the Republicans were scared to branch away from Britain’s governmental ways.
  • We as federalists will ensure fiscal prosperity, unity among our country, and make sure that equality for all is respected. Vote for federalists!


Judith Sargent Murray a Journalist backing up the federalists campaign

  • I am a journalist for the Massachusetts Magazine, and I support the Federalist Party—who allow me to have my God-given, natural rights. I’m Judith Sargent Murray, and I approve this message