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How I Met Your Mother Election of 1816 Zach Reichl

How I Met Your Mother Election of 1816

Ted: Kids have I ever told you the story of how I met your mother?

Kids: No!

Ted: It’s a great story kids. It all started during the Election of 1816 where James Monroe for the Democratic-Republican Party was running against Rufus King of the Federalist Party


Ted: I really don’t know who I’m going to vote for, do I vote for Rufus King and try to keep the Federalist Party alive or do I vote for James Monroe and keep the Virginia Dynasty in office

Friend: How do you not know who you are going to vote for when we are on the way to the vote? You better hurry up and decide


Ted: Excuse me may I ask why you are campaigning for Monroe?

Woman: Of course. I am campaigning for James Monroe because women’s voices across America need to be heard and with James Monroe and the Democratic - Republican Party we have a better chance of making our opinion matter!

Ted: I didn’t know women’s opinions weren’t valued or heard much in politics

Woman: Yes our opinions are not valued as much as Men’s opinions in politics and if Rufus King is elected into office our opinions and values will continue to be ignored. James Monroe will help loosen voting rules for women so we can have the right to vote on who becomes President. Right now the only state women can vote in is New Jersey (pg. 47), and like Mary Wollstonecraft said “Given by God, these rights were universal, inherent in the condition of being human being, and they applied to all the people, regardless of sex.” (pg. 40)

Ted: Wow! I never knew women had such a problem having their opinions and voices being heard, I always thought they just did not care

Woman: We have cared for a long time and have been writing articles in newspapers trying to have our opinions voiced for a long time. Women want to be involved in politics and not just be known as female politicians but politicians equal to men and James Monroe can help get us there

Ted: Well that sure does make a good case for voting for James Monroe but I’m not sure I’m still 100% certain on who to vote for.

Woman: Another reason why you should vote for Monroe is because the Federalist Party is falling apart. They are the ones who opposed to War of 1812 (pg. 110-111)

Ted: How could you oppose the War of 1812 we needed to fend of the British again?

Woman: Exactly! Rufus King and the Federalist were against the War of 1812 and if the Federalist were in office we would probably be under the rule of the British once more. The Federalist Party is falling apart and if you care about protecting America and help giving Women the right to be involved in party politics and having our voices be heard throughout the nation Vote for James Monroe!

Ted: I’m definitely going to vote for James Monroe now!

By the way do you happen to be single?

Woman: Yes. Me and my husband divorced. He was a Federalist.

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Ted: And kids that is How I Met Your Mother