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It’s your Election Too – Haddon Alexander, Graham McArthur, Evan Perry

It’s YOUR Election Too


Introduction Music


Rufus King: Ladies, as you may know we are in the midst of the election of the century. The rogue Democratic Republicans want to destroy all the things we have worked so hard to build. But the time is never too late to act! We need your help in defeating these sadistic scofflaws, and returning our country to its patriotic ideals! The Federalist’s party needs you, our beloved Ladies, to create wonderful barbeques and bake election cakes for supporters of the Federalists cause. If we can come together and do this, then we can save this country from the wrath of the Democratic Republicans. I would now like to introduce Catherine Maria Sedgwick, daughter of Theodore Sedgwick, and renowned author, who will talk to you about what you can do for the Federalist effort.


Catherine Maria Sedgwick: My fellow ladies. The time has come for us to help the patriotic cause more than ever. Thomas Jefferson has called women to remain in homes and not bother with politics, and has even made a movement to deny postmistresses from fulfilling out their husbands duties, but this is all Democratic Republican propaganda. Us women need to take action in politics, not for our fame or praise, but for the sake of patriotism and country. I urge all of you to host the greatest barbeques and parties celebrating the movement for OUR Federalist cause. But the action does not stop at parties and cookouts. The Federalist cause needs you to be our voice inside the home. Teach your children about the importance of federalism and patriotism. Converse with your husband about what he has done to support the Federalist cause and ultimately his country, in an effort to motivate him to go vote and support the Federalist party and ultimately patriotism.


Rufus King: Ladies, at this time we hope that you remember what is important to you and your family. We hope that the ideals of patriotism ring true from now until the election. We look forward to seeing your support and your husbands at the poles.

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