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Election of 1812 James Madison Campaign Ad: By Alexander Harris and Joshua Harvey

During this, the 1816 election. Our candidates must decide many things on many topics. Such as war with Britain, helping our native American allies, and even the topic of women’s rights have come into play.

These topics are very deep, and require a man who knows what he is talking about. So this election, vote James Madison. He is a Democratic Republican who knows exactly what you want.

He knows you want to go to war, and spill more blood against the British. Because that was fun the first time, right? He knows that we don’t like Indians here, and pretty much every President after him will agree with him. He also knows exactly what to do with women in politics. Invite them to our rallies. And then give them no political standing whatsoever.

So vote James Madison, because really, we all know nothing good can come from a guy with the last name Clinton in the White House.