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Women and the Election of 1816 video project, “Attack ad against James Monroe” – Will Howe and George Murdison


-Don’t Trust James Monroe.

-James Monroe doesn’t want women to be able to vote. This includes your mom, your wife, and maybe even your daughter. This is all despite the fact that women are pretty much capable of doing all the same things that men can do.

-James Monroe owns several slaves! His overseers treat his slaves so terribly that he could hypothetically write an entire book about it. So ask yourself America, is this really what we need? Do we really want another sexist and racist in office? Answer honestly.

-James Monroe is in serious debt. He has an expensive lifestyle. So how can we expect a man to run this country when he can’t even control his own impulses? And how can we defend our country and equality?

-Well, that’s easy. Vote Federalist. Vote for Rufus King.

Rufus stands for: Women’s rights, anti-slavery legislation, financial security, but most importantly he stands for America.

-Vote for Rufus King. Vote for a better America.

-“I’m Rufus King, and I approve this message.”