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Democratic-Republican Candidate James Monroe:

“The opposing Federalist Party is weak; lacking a definitive party consensus our party can once again win this election through maximum effort from all members during this campaign. The War is over and our party has once again proven to be the more upstanding, determined, and well-rounded party. Women play a major role in my effort to win the Election of 1816. Having their support and encouragement not only in electoral politics but also in society through several different outlets is very important to my campaign. The persistent effort of Female Politicians to spread knowledge on our mission has provided great support in the effort to win this upcoming election. With their help in preparing events, composing information and disseminating it to various media outlets has enabled we as politicians to better serve our political culture. I condone the acts of Female Politicians, there fervor in politics is one that I fully support and will continue to advocate throughout my career. There have been many a people, which stubbornly deny the true rights of women in society; they do not support Female politicians in their support of partisan parties. This goes against my beliefs; there should not be any control on whether or not women have the right to hold an opinion. I will continue to run my campaign under the premise that female support is imperative, political parties must not be run solely by men. If this becomes gender discriminated our party will not lose dominance but will forfeit added exposure through female interaction in the political sector. I urge all women to remain persistent in their effort to support me and the Democratic-Republican Party!”

Hello and good evening fellow citizens, my name is James Monroe and I am running for the Democratic-Republican Party in the election of 1816. I am speaking today about women in politics. Women should participate in politics because women have a different point of view and their opinions should be valued as equal to men’s. Men should not be the only ones to have a voice in your households. My opponent Rufus King and the rest of the Federalist Party are running out of steam. “Indications suggested that men may not be the best individuals to disseminate the new ideal.” (Zagarri, 125). This is because they are hiding the fact that the Federalists are not letting women be heard in the democratic process that our fathers and we fought so valiantly for less than fifty years ago. The last thing that this country needs is the start of another war.

The difference between fighting for “no taxation without representation” and denying half of our household’s suffrage rights is nominal. If we continue to refuse women the ability to have their voices heard in our unique democratic process, then we have already lost the basis of our nation. “Women, on the other hand, might be better positioned than men to inculcate the new liberal attitude toward party politics.” (Zagarri, 125). “Women might be able to ease the tensions between male partisans and instill the new liberal attitude toward party politics in their husbands and children.” (Zagarri, 126). Men and women should be able to have a say in the issues that affect them both equally. If your family believes that something is wrong then you should have the ability to change that. “Woman’s kindness of heart, would restrain ‘political and polemical disputation within the limits of decency and propriety: local contentions could be charmed away, and men might be softened down into beings altogether better fitted for the great purposes of life.” (Zagarri, 130). It is not necessary for women to have to speak through their spouses to be heard in society. It is our turn to take over and make changes for the good of our people and more importantly for women.


Candidate: Hi! I’m Bub Vanhoose the second! If you’re a woman … this message is for you!

Are you tired of keeping your political opinions to yourself?

Are you sick of being the peacemaker between opposing men on Election Day? (Zagarri 131)

Do you dream of being treated equal with men?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then Bub Vanhoose is the candidate you’ve been looking for!

Those other guys don’t care about your rights, the rights that you deserve! They want women to stay out of politics because y’all “aren’t educated enough to have opinions”.

Well I say the times they are a-changing!


Woman: But Bub, don’t you know that nearly eighty to ninety percent of all white women can read and write now? (Zagarri 51)


Candidate: Wow, citizen, you really know your stuff! Maybe you could teach our Republican friends a lesson or two about the literacy of women nowadays.


Candidate: As a strong advocate for women, I know that your rights include more than just those pertaining to politics.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to ensure that one day women everywhere will be seen as equals with men. Not just in your political opinions, but in your public expression as well!


Woman: Bub, what do you mean “public expression”?


Candidate: its one thing to have your own opinion, citizen, but don’t you want your friends, family, and colleagues to know how you feel?


Woman: gee I don’t know. My husband always says that his political views are the right political views.


Candidate: and what do you have to say about his views, citizen?


Woman: well … I don’t always agree with them, but I could never tell him that.


Candidate: Public expression! If your own husband wont listen to what you have to say who will? (Zagarri 171)

Bub Vanhoose the second! A vote for Bub is a vote for the babes!

Dialogue for Video Project



Hi! I’m Annie. I love cooking and keeping house for my family. However, I believe that women should be able to participate in party politics. Many other women feel the same way. As of right now, our only rights are to take care of our husbands and teach our children. In addition to these rights we would like the right to a say in political issues. Women do not have any political freedom. James Monroe is running for the Democratic Republican Party and he will fight to give women the political rights they deserve. The other candidate, Rufus King, is for the federalist party. The Federalist Party says that us, women are not educated or fit to be participating in politics. As women, we do have an indirect effect on the 1816 election. You can participate by making food for events, wearing our party’s colors and symbols, and influencing your husbands. Our opinions are just as important as those of men. Women have the right to a say in political decisions that will effect them directly. Join me and many other women in the fight to get James Monroe elected. Hi. I’m James Monroe and I approve this message. I promise to give women the political rights they deserve. I humbly ask for your vote on November 4th.

History 103 Video Project

Names of all group members: Amber Cook, Jeanne and Hunter


The Election of 1816


Rufus King: I am Rufus King of the Federalist Party and I am campaigning for the Election of 1816. I am in opposition to slavery and did not support the efforts for the War of 1812 (p.100). I would like to personally address the allegations of me owing money to the government and tell everyone that they are not true. It should also be known that I am a strong supporter of women rights, and foresee that both women and their support will be vital in the future of our nation.


Woman 1: The Republicans are causing political turmoil in our nation and trying to destroy our social order, which is portrayed by Madame Genlis. She is being praised because she claims to have instilled the proper revolutionary order in her children, family and friends. She believes that birth is accidental and that there is a large hereditary distinction and there are only certain things which a good man can deem certain, those are his knowledge and his virtue. She is an obvious threat to our existing social order and her actions continue to lead us to turmoil. We are in need of loyal federalist supports to help prevent such actions. (p.105)


Rufus King: In the Republican party, they celebrate women who promote the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity like Madame Genlis displays. However, one must see this is likely to destroy our social order!! It is important we act now to prevent future generations from instilling such ideals to their children and their children’s children. (105)


Women 2: The Republican viewpoints in the journals and newspapers do not depict our ideas and true thoughts. They are lies that are constantly spreading throughout the streets. For example, Federalists make fun of our fashion in aim to score political party points and constantly mock our campaign strategy. And once quoted that, “Republicans were nothing more than frivolous women who changed governments as carelessly as women changed fashion” (108 ). However, I assure these allegations are false.


Rufus: In regard to my stance on opposition to war, I had the women’s best interest in mind. I was thinking of the helpless innocence of women and children, who would take care of them while the men are overseas? It is not my lack of patriotism, but my interest in making sure that the women are cared for and valued in our society. The Republicans clearly do not have the women in their best interests (109-110).

As you the people can see, there are clearly two very different standpoints on the subject: The Federalist and the Republican. However, if you are looking to help move America forward, support women and their rights and have a strong desire to continue building a well-structured powerful nation, then the choice should be clear. Steer clear of the Republicans and their destructive ideals, as they should be feared. One must keep in mind to be skeptical of the Republicans and their media claims as they falsely portray our Federalist heroines as villains. I hope you all can see the truth for what it is and do not allow the Republicans skew the nations beliefs on Federalism through their published journals and visual imagery. Do not waste your vote this election and make it count! Please vote for me, Federalist, Rufus King. Thank-you all for your time and support! I look forward to bettering our nation everyday.



During this, the 1816 election. Our candidates must decide many things on many topics. Such as war with Britain, helping our native American allies, and even the topic of women’s rights have come into play.

These topics are very deep, and require a man who knows what he is talking about. So this election, vote James Madison. He is a Democratic Republican who knows exactly what you want.

He knows you want to go to war, and spill more blood against the British. Because that was fun the first time, right? He knows that we don’t like Indians here, and pretty much every President after him will agree with him. He also knows exactly what to do with women in politics. Invite them to our rallies. And then give them no political standing whatsoever.

So vote James Madison, because really, we all know nothing good can come from a guy with the last name Clinton in the White House.


-Don’t Trust James Monroe.

-James Monroe doesn’t want women to be able to vote. This includes your mom, your wife, and maybe even your daughter. This is all despite the fact that women are pretty much capable of doing all the same things that men can do.

-James Monroe owns several slaves! His overseers treat his slaves so terribly that he could hypothetically write an entire book about it. So ask yourself America, is this really what we need? Do we really want another sexist and racist in office? Answer honestly.

-James Monroe is in serious debt. He has an expensive lifestyle. So how can we expect a man to run this country when he can’t even control his own impulses? And how can we defend our country and equality?

-Well, that’s easy. Vote Federalist. Vote for Rufus King.

Rufus stands for: Women’s rights, anti-slavery legislation, financial security, but most importantly he stands for America.

-Vote for Rufus King. Vote for a better America.

-“I’m Rufus King, and I approve this message.”

  • Elizabeth Monroe (speaking):
    • This November…
    • You the American people will freely elect the next president of this great nation…
    • I, Elizabeth Monroe encourage you to think of the following when you cast your vote:
      • My Husband, James Monroe served as the Secretary of State AND the Secretary of War
      • He will be the last founding father to be able to be president
      • He yields from the commonwealth of Virginia, where our last four great presidents yield from
      • He has excellent relationships with foreign nations, serving as the United States Minister to France and Great Britain
      • But most importantly, James Monroe believes that women should be involved in political politics
      • He believes that woman’s opinions should be valued just as much as men’s
    • The opposing candidate, Rufus King:
      • comes from a political party that did not support the War of 1812…
      • Has only held 2 offices compared to Monroe’s 8
      • Believes that women are not suited to be involved in political politics
    • Do we really want someone so inexperienced and unsupportive of women’s rights running this country?
    • I don’t think so..
    • I, Elizabeth Monroe, A woman, encourage you to make the right decision and vote James Monroe


Amanda: Have you ever wondered if women have a place in politics, well we do! We are different from the men who are too caught up in party conflict and division (Zagarri 125).


Amanda: Even though we do not have formal political power, the women of the US have a significant influence over society and politics (Zagarri 125).


Amanda: We have the ability to exert our opinions over the American public in a way that really makes an impact in their daily lives.


Amanda: Now back to party conflict let’s talk about the candidates the first being James Monroe. Monroe is a member of the Democratic-Republican Party. And the other candidate is Rufus King a member of the Federalist Party.


Amanda: I really feel like that James Monroe fella is going to win by a landslide over Rufus King. Call it intuition if you want!


Amanda: Remember ladies even though we don't have any formal political experience in politics, we can still make an impact on our husbands, brothers or sons to vote the way that we would.


Allison: So you are saying that even though we can't actually go to the polls and vote that we can, in a way make our male counter parts vote the way we would?


Amanda: Exactly! And if you get the male population to vote for James Monroe, then you'll be helping to make America a better place to live.


Amanda: Since Rufus King is a Federalist he believes that voting should remain the privilege of the propertied classes (Zagarri 149).


Amanda: If women ever want the ability to vote, and participate in politics then make sure you do everything in your power to get James Monroe the Democratic-Republican into office.


James: Hi, I am a representation of James Monroe. If you want America to be a great place to live vote for me in the upcoming 1816 election.


James: This advertisement was paid for by the elect James Monroe for president council. I support and approve this message!


James: Remember women you have the power to decide how the election could turn out!

Lindsey Colanduoni and Maggie Herron

HY 103-001-013

Dr. Kopelson

Women and the Election of 1816 Video Project Dialogue


A Lovely Afternoon during the Election of 1816


M: Hello Sally!


S: Hello Margaret! How are you?


M: I’m doing great! Just reading about the upcoming election.


S: Oh wonderful! Which party are you supporting?


M: I’m supporting the Republicans.


S: As am I!


M: Oh thank goodness you’re not one of those aristocrats. I like you Sally and I don’t want to loose our friendship. (pg 84: line 6)


S: I agree.


M: But I should have known now that you were republican because of your Phrygian cap. (pg 86: line 2)


S: Oh yes. I always want to help represent our party.


M: I agree. But why do you think the Republican Party is best for us ladies?


S: Well they have opened up the party to us women without hesitation to genders, or education and they’re fighting for our natural rights. So much more then the Federalists; speaking of them, have you seen what their saying about the election? They are predicting the Federalists to win. (pg: 105: line 4-6)


M: Really! I don’t believe that. Just wait till Judith Murray writes something. Then that will change all of their minds. (pg 87: third paragraph)


S: Very true. She is such a wonderful woman.


M: Oh yes indeed. But have you also seen the images that have been put in here? Showing women in some very provocative situations. (pg 111: line 21)


S: I can’t believe that. Those men shouldn’t try to pull us down or else we won’t support their party and help support their acts.


M: Yeah. They should really think before they do things like that.


S: Absolutely.


M: Even though John has finally sided with me on supporting Republican views. (pg 91: line 15)


S: Oh that’s wonderful! How did you manage that?


M: Well we always talk about politics over dinner and I’ve just talked about how they are more down to earth compared to the federalists. How they are more supportive of locale issues then just solely interested in keeping the elite well maintained. (pg: 83: lines 17-21)


S: Such a good point. That would get any man inspired.


M: Very true. Have you heard anything about any upcoming events that we can get involved in to support the campaign?


S: Yes actually! They are having a homespun event and making a bunch of clothing next week at Susan’s house. (pg 23: line 1)


M: Oh how wonderful! We should definitely go and asked if we can help.


S: Absolutely! And the next day I believe one of the local organizations are getting a bunch of women together to help with a fundraiser. We should definitely go to that one as well. (pg 142: line 26)


M: Definitely! The more we can do to help with the campaign the better.


S: Yes, without a doubt. Well I have to go and tend to the horses. With George being gone I have so much work that I have to do. (pg 23: lines 27-29)


M: Yeah. But hang in there. It will all be worth it. Especially when the Republicans win.


S: Oh yes. Definitely. But have a great rest of your day and I’ll see you next week!


M: You too! See you next week!