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Federalist Bub Vanhoose II for President (Kiersten Koenig)


Candidate: Hi! I’m Bub Vanhoose the second! If you’re a woman … this message is for you!

Are you tired of keeping your political opinions to yourself?

Are you sick of being the peacemaker between opposing men on Election Day? (Zagarri 131)

Do you dream of being treated equal with men?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, then Bub Vanhoose is the candidate you’ve been looking for!

Those other guys don’t care about your rights, the rights that you deserve! They want women to stay out of politics because y’all “aren’t educated enough to have opinions”.

Well I say the times they are a-changing!


Woman: But Bub, don’t you know that nearly eighty to ninety percent of all white women can read and write now? (Zagarri 51)


Candidate: Wow, citizen, you really know your stuff! Maybe you could teach our Republican friends a lesson or two about the literacy of women nowadays.


Candidate: As a strong advocate for women, I know that your rights include more than just those pertaining to politics.

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to ensure that one day women everywhere will be seen as equals with men. Not just in your political opinions, but in your public expression as well!


Woman: Bub, what do you mean “public expression”?


Candidate: its one thing to have your own opinion, citizen, but don’t you want your friends, family, and colleagues to know how you feel?


Woman: gee I don’t know. My husband always says that his political views are the right political views.


Candidate: and what do you have to say about his views, citizen?


Woman: well … I don’t always agree with them, but I could never tell him that.


Candidate: Public expression! If your own husband wont listen to what you have to say who will? (Zagarri 171)

Bub Vanhoose the second! A vote for Bub is a vote for the babes!