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Election of 1816 – Xavier Morgan

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Hello, my name is Janet Liberty. I come to you today on behalf of the Federalist Party in this grand election year of 1816.  As a woman, I see the Federalist Party as the only political advocate for women’s rights today.  Our opponents, the Democratic - Republican Party, prefer that women stay as far away from politics as possible. They seem to believe that women cannot think or act on their own accord, but only under the guidance of man. “Passive Patriots” is what they like to think of women as.

The views of the Democratic - Republican Party are not equivalent to the ideals that this great nation was built upon during the battle for independence…. “liberty and justice for all”. The social- hierarchy that they envision does not include the rights of women nor does it allow any room for the advancement of women in any other role except a subsidiary to men. The only advancement that can be made from this is that of white males.

The Federalist Party recognizes the role that women have played in the birth and building of our nation. They consider women as active patriots for our country. The sacrifices and commitment that women made to the revolution did not go unnoticed by the Federalist, but rather praised and celebrated. Albeit the contributions different from women than that of men, each played a necessary role in regards to patriotism.

If by some ill misfortune that the Democratic-Republican party is victorious, the battle for the women’s rights shall be a mere whisper of the past. The Democratic - Republican Party will further extinguish voting rights for women.  Their masculine ideals of the world leave no room for free and forward thinking women with a voice. A democracy based on freedom for all is a mere joke if all free citizens aren’t allowed their chance to cast a vote to decide their fate.

When you cast your vote for this election, remember what we fought for some 40 odd years ago. Do we want to progress as a nation or continue to disregard the voice of the people.