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Hello and good evening fellow citizens, my name is James Monroe and I am running for the Democratic-Republican Party in the election of 1816. I am speaking today about women in politics. Women should participate in politics because women have a different point of view and their opinions should be valued as equal to men’s. Men should not be the only ones to have a voice in your households. My opponent Rufus King and the rest of the Federalist Party are running out of steam. “Indications suggested that men may not be the best individuals to disseminate the new ideal.” (Zagarri, 125). This is because they are hiding the fact that the Federalists are not letting women be heard in the democratic process that our fathers and we fought so valiantly for less than fifty years ago. The last thing that this country needs is the start of another war.

The difference between fighting for “no taxation without representation” and denying half of our household’s suffrage rights is nominal. If we continue to refuse women the ability to have their voices heard in our unique democratic process, then we have already lost the basis of our nation. “Women, on the other hand, might be better positioned than men to inculcate the new liberal attitude toward party politics.” (Zagarri, 125). “Women might be able to ease the tensions between male partisans and instill the new liberal attitude toward party politics in their husbands and children.” (Zagarri, 126). Men and women should be able to have a say in the issues that affect them both equally. If your family believes that something is wrong then you should have the ability to change that. “Woman’s kindness of heart, would restrain ‘political and polemical disputation within the limits of decency and propriety: local contentions could be charmed away, and men might be softened down into beings altogether better fitted for the great purposes of life.” (Zagarri, 130). It is not necessary for women to have to speak through their spouses to be heard in society. It is our turn to take over and make changes for the good of our people and more importantly for women.