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Women and the Election of 1816 By: Grant Snow


Amanda: Have you ever wondered if women have a place in politics, well we do! We are different from the men who are too caught up in party conflict and division (Zagarri 125).


Amanda: Even though we do not have formal political power, the women of the US have a significant influence over society and politics (Zagarri 125).


Amanda: We have the ability to exert our opinions over the American public in a way that really makes an impact in their daily lives.


Amanda: Now back to party conflict let’s talk about the candidates the first being James Monroe. Monroe is a member of the Democratic-Republican Party. And the other candidate is Rufus King a member of the Federalist Party.


Amanda: I really feel like that James Monroe fella is going to win by a landslide over Rufus King. Call it intuition if you want!


Amanda: Remember ladies even though we don't have any formal political experience in politics, we can still make an impact on our husbands, brothers or sons to vote the way that we would.


Allison: So you are saying that even though we can't actually go to the polls and vote that we can, in a way make our male counter parts vote the way we would?


Amanda: Exactly! And if you get the male population to vote for James Monroe, then you'll be helping to make America a better place to live.


Amanda: Since Rufus King is a Federalist he believes that voting should remain the privilege of the propertied classes (Zagarri 149).


Amanda: If women ever want the ability to vote, and participate in politics then make sure you do everything in your power to get James Monroe the Democratic-Republican into office.


James: Hi, I am a representation of James Monroe. If you want America to be a great place to live vote for me in the upcoming 1816 election.


James: This advertisement was paid for by the elect James Monroe for president council. I support and approve this message!


James: Remember women you have the power to decide how the election could turn out!