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The Interview (Election of 1816) Bridget Boyer, Diamond Brown, Morgan Nolan


This is an interview between Murray, Federalist author, and a member of the Federalist party. This interview takes place post Election of 1816 and is centered around the participation of women in the Federalist Political Party.

Murray­ T​hanks so much for meeting with me to discuss the Federalist views on women’s participation in party politics! I am interested in writing an article about your views leading up to the Election of 1816 and following it.
Federalist Man­ g​reat! what do you want to know?

Murray­ I​n your opinion, how does a woman’s spouse influence her political views?

Federalist Man­ O​n the Federalist side, I tend to see that “many women choose a spouse because of the man’s political views. A man’s political affiliation could be as important as his wealth, looks, or personality” (Revolutionary Backlash 90).
Murray­ D​o you, as a Federalist, believe women should support their husbands and sons in war, like they support their political views?
Federalist Man­ M​en supported the War of 1812, but as much as we want the women to support the war, they continue to quietly resist it. (Revolutionary Backlash 101)
Murray­ H​ow in relation to this did women actually behave during the Election of 1816? Federalist Man­ W​ell, depicted in John Krimmel’s painting ,E​lection at the State House, w​e see how women were involved in the Election. He portrays women as peacemakers between the differing political parties (Revolutionary Backlash 162).
Murray­ D​o you find it interesting that women were not allowed to vote considering the major role they play in party politics in their own homes?
Federalist Man­ I​believe they play a significant role in passing down the knowledge of politics in their homes, so men may practice these beliefs. Women prepare to, like their mothers, pass the knowledge down to their children one day.
Murray­ T​hank you for your time. Those are all the questions I have. Do you have any other thoughts on women’s participation in party politics?

Federalist Man­ W​e hope women continue to gather at Federalist party functions. I believe with the women’s continual support and dedication to politics, the Federalist’s party will continue to grow and become more powerful.
Murray­ W​ould you mind giving an example of how the women supported the Federalist’s ideas?

Federalist Man­ A​n important example of their dedication and support, was their ability to violate the ban on imported goods. Without the women’s help, a political boycott has the ability to fail terribly (Revolutionary Backlash 95).
Murray­ T​hank you for your time!