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Alli Moore & Lizzy Zakutney- Federalist Campaign Ad for the Election of 1816

Federalists campaign Ad

  • After the American Revolution, the people of the United States were promised equality, unity, and freedom from Britain.
  • Most people assumed that voting on government officials would be considered a natural right and part of the promise of equality that would arise from the Revolution.
  • Sadly, this was not the case. “The American political system failed to embody those ideals for substantial portions of its population. It denied equal rights to all black people and to nearly one-half of the white population: women.”
  • Luckily, the legislature in New Jersey, just recently made a change by entitling more people the right to vote.
  • Since then, uproars in many different areas of the country have continued, simply because mass media is allowing today’s people to see that only small groups of people are making change. People are beginning to see inequality from one state to another
  • We as federalists want to take big steps to have equality for all.
  • That we is why we are asking you, (Picture of women), to support us in the upcoming election.
  • We promise to strive…
  1. To make a systematic national banking system, to manage our own expenses separate from Britain. We will no longer fight with Britain or the other political party, but coexist and keep peace with our trading countries and natives.
  2. We also strive to end prejudice towards any groups of people, including but not limited to: African American, women, and opposing political parties. As hypocritical, Republican Jefferson—the anti-woman supporter—says, “Every difference and opinion is not a difference of principle. We have called by different names, brother and of the same principle, we are all republicans; we are all federalists.” (121-122)
  • In the war of 1812, the republicans have done nothing but maintain a divided country that does not allow room for growth or change.. Even though we were promised this in the revolution, the war of 1812 showed the Republicans were scared to branch away from Britain’s governmental ways.
  • We as federalists will ensure fiscal prosperity, unity among our country, and make sure that equality for all is respected. Vote for federalists!


Judith Sargent Murray a Journalist backing up the federalists campaign

  • I am a journalist for the Massachusetts Magazine, and I support the Federalist Party—who allow me to have my God-given, natural rights. I’m Judith Sargent Murray, and I approve this message