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Women and the Election of 1816 Jillian Barnes

Women and Politics 1816

Reporter Roscoe: Hi guys, I’m Roscoe. We have Nicki reporting live from New Jersey here with us today! Nicki, tell us about where you stand in terms of political party?

Nicki: Hey Roscoe! Well, since you asked, I stand for the republican party.

Roscoe: Ah, yes Monroe. Classic. Are you completely against federalists now? I know a lot of families are being torn apart because of differences in beliefs.

Nicki: Completely. I cannot stand them. My friend from a few houses down voiced her federalist opinions at our tea party the other week. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore. I may or may not have put bleach in her drink. (pg 115 Zagarri)

Roscoe: Wow! Ok next time don’t admit that on national television! Sounds like you really don’t like them. Anyways, what do you do in your spare time, Nicki?

Nicki: I collect donations for the election. Vote Monroe btw. I also spin cloth, not because I want to, but because I’m a woman.

Roscoe: What an honest answer. So, I’ve heard you’ve been getting hot and heavy with your local politician, King Drake, to get the outcomes you want. Nicki, is this true? (class notes-women were portrayed as “easy”).

Nicki: It’s funny you mention that. Drake respects me and seeing as the men around here realize that women are a threat to those in charge, I don’t doubt that they've told you that. (pg 129 Zagarri). Anything to wreck a female’s reputation and drive for power and authority is undoubtedly torn down by men. Except for one federalist I know, Mary Wollstonecraft? Maybe you've heard of her. She’s psychotic. (page 48 Zagarri)

Roscoe: Oh yes, Mary and I dated for several months. It was quite the ride, until she told me she was as smart as me.

Nicki: heh. She seems like quite the flag stitcher. (class notes-federalists stitched flags).

Roscoe: That she was, Nicki. I have one final question for you. What do you hope to achieve with this upcoming election?

Nicki: I am really trying to increase my moral values and inspire virtuous behavior among political leaders. I want women to have the right to vote once more, because we are capable of anything.  (pg 126 Zagarri)

Roscoe: That is tremendous, Nicki. If only people would take that seriously.

Nicki: What!?

Roscoe: Live from New Jersey, I’m Roscoe Dash. Thank you and happy voting.