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A Lovely Day in 1812- Maggie Herron and Lindsey Colandouni

Lindsey Colanduoni and Maggie Herron

HY 103-001-013

Dr. Kopelson

Women and the Election of 1816 Video Project Dialogue


A Lovely Afternoon during the Election of 1816


M: Hello Sally!


S: Hello Margaret! How are you?


M: I’m doing great! Just reading about the upcoming election.


S: Oh wonderful! Which party are you supporting?


M: I’m supporting the Republicans.


S: As am I!


M: Oh thank goodness you’re not one of those aristocrats. I like you Sally and I don’t want to loose our friendship. (pg 84: line 6)


S: I agree.


M: But I should have known now that you were republican because of your Phrygian cap. (pg 86: line 2)


S: Oh yes. I always want to help represent our party.


M: I agree. But why do you think the Republican Party is best for us ladies?


S: Well they have opened up the party to us women without hesitation to genders, or education and they’re fighting for our natural rights. So much more then the Federalists; speaking of them, have you seen what their saying about the election? They are predicting the Federalists to win. (pg: 105: line 4-6)


M: Really! I don’t believe that. Just wait till Judith Murray writes something. Then that will change all of their minds. (pg 87: third paragraph)


S: Very true. She is such a wonderful woman.


M: Oh yes indeed. But have you also seen the images that have been put in here? Showing women in some very provocative situations. (pg 111: line 21)


S: I can’t believe that. Those men shouldn’t try to pull us down or else we won’t support their party and help support their acts.


M: Yeah. They should really think before they do things like that.


S: Absolutely.


M: Even though John has finally sided with me on supporting Republican views. (pg 91: line 15)


S: Oh that’s wonderful! How did you manage that?


M: Well we always talk about politics over dinner and I’ve just talked about how they are more down to earth compared to the federalists. How they are more supportive of locale issues then just solely interested in keeping the elite well maintained. (pg: 83: lines 17-21)


S: Such a good point. That would get any man inspired.


M: Very true. Have you heard anything about any upcoming events that we can get involved in to support the campaign?


S: Yes actually! They are having a homespun event and making a bunch of clothing next week at Susan’s house. (pg 23: line 1)


M: Oh how wonderful! We should definitely go and asked if we can help.


S: Absolutely! And the next day I believe one of the local organizations are getting a bunch of women together to help with a fundraiser. We should definitely go to that one as well. (pg 142: line 26)


M: Definitely! The more we can do to help with the campaign the better.


S: Yes, without a doubt. Well I have to go and tend to the horses. With George being gone I have so much work that I have to do. (pg 23: lines 27-29)


M: Yeah. But hang in there. It will all be worth it. Especially when the Republicans win.


S: Oh yes. Definitely. But have a great rest of your day and I’ll see you next week!


M: You too! See you next week!