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Women and The Election of 1816- Shea Brittain

  • Elizabeth Monroe (speaking):
    • This November…
    • You the American people will freely elect the next president of this great nation…
    • I, Elizabeth Monroe encourage you to think of the following when you cast your vote:
      • My Husband, James Monroe served as the Secretary of State AND the Secretary of War
      • He will be the last founding father to be able to be president
      • He yields from the commonwealth of Virginia, where our last four great presidents yield from
      • He has excellent relationships with foreign nations, serving as the United States Minister to France and Great Britain
      • But most importantly, James Monroe believes that women should be involved in political politics
      • He believes that woman’s opinions should be valued just as much as men’s
    • The opposing candidate, Rufus King:
      • comes from a political party that did not support the War of 1812…
      • Has only held 2 offices compared to Monroe’s 8
      • Believes that women are not suited to be involved in political politics
    • Do we really want someone so inexperienced and unsupportive of women’s rights running this country?
    • I don’t think so..
    • I, Elizabeth Monroe, A woman, encourage you to make the right decision and vote James Monroe