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Democratic-Republican Candidate James Monroe:

“The opposing Federalist Party is weak; lacking a definitive party consensus our party can once again win this election through maximum effort from all members during this campaign. The War is over and our party has once again proven to be the more upstanding, determined, and well-rounded party. Women play a major role in my effort to win the Election of 1816. Having their support and encouragement not only in electoral politics but also in society through several different outlets is very important to my campaign. The persistent effort of Female Politicians to spread knowledge on our mission has provided great support in the effort to win this upcoming election. With their help in preparing events, composing information and disseminating it to various media outlets has enabled we as politicians to better serve our political culture. I condone the acts of Female Politicians, there fervor in politics is one that I fully support and will continue to advocate throughout my career. There have been many a people, which stubbornly deny the true rights of women in society; they do not support Female politicians in their support of partisan parties. This goes against my beliefs; there should not be any control on whether or not women have the right to hold an opinion. I will continue to run my campaign under the premise that female support is imperative, political parties must not be run solely by men. If this becomes gender discriminated our party will not lose dominance but will forfeit added exposure through female interaction in the political sector. I urge all women to remain persistent in their effort to support me and the Democratic-Republican Party!”