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Logan Uranick


10 April 2015


The Museum of Southern History (Review)


On my drive home to Orlando, Florida for Easter I decided to take a detour through Jacksonville, Florida to visit The Museum of Southern History, one of Florida’s few true American History museums. It features artifacts and information from many of the events discussed in our class, with a slight focus on the Civil War.  Although the building where the museum is located is rather modest in size, the inside has no shortage of interesting exhibits and rare artifacts. One particularly impressive pieces I saw during my visit was the actual 34 star American flag that adorned President Lincoln’s casket as his body was toured through several northern cities.

An advantage this museum has from being smaller in size is the very helpful staff that is eager to teach you more about the events and artifacts featured in the exhibits. The staff also guides tours personally tailored to the touring groups age and interests.

Much of the museum is dedicated to the events of the Civil War. It included something particularly interesting to me, a focus on Florida’s contribution to the war, something often overlooked. They highlight the road to Florida deciding to leave the Union and join the confederation, as well as important figures and battles of the Sunshine State. On display are maps, diagrams explaining the storyline of the war, weapons, and other artifacts.

When searching for American history museums, I read that the operating hours and days seem to change all the time, so before I made the detour, I called to ensure they would be open when I made it to Jacksonville. Luckily, they were and I had the opportunity to visit a great collection of American History with a focus on my home state of Florida from a national perspective.

Video Project Script: Rufus King Campaign Video (Federalist Party)


-Hi, I’m former New York Senator Rufus King and I want to be your next president of the United States.

-I will be representing the Federalist party in this years upcoming election. If I am elected to be your next president, I promise I will lead this great nation in the right direction and help it progress towards a brighter future for all Americans.

-The first step in my plan for a brighter future and forward thinking nation is welcoming political input from all Americans including men and women alike.

-Our country is filled with bright intelligent women who deserve to be involved in making political decisions and we stand to gain a great deal as a nation by listening to what they have to say. By listening to the views of every American citizen, we can create a government that reflects the ideologies of more Americans, and ensure that we remain a nation that everyone can be proud to live in.

-The next step towards a brighter future is mending our poor relationship with Great Britain. Great Britain has successfully remained a dominant world power for many years and share much of the same ideology as us.

It is in our nation’s best interest to remain close allies with them economically, and politically. In the future they will prove to be one of our most important trade partners, and a crucial ally in future conflicts with their advanced forces and experienced veterans.

-My last order of business will be to ensure that everyone living within our great nation can have the freedom they deserve, and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as it was promised by our founding fathers. Every American deserves these rights, no matter their gender or race, which is why a brighter future for the United States includes the freeing of all slaves and treating every human being equally.

-With a vote for me, Senator Rufus King, for your next President of the United States, you are voting for a brighter future. With me in office, our economic and political future will be safe. With me in office, we can become a more forward thinking nation that respects the rights and opinions of every American citizen, no matter their gender or race.

-So vote for me, Senator Rufus King, for a brighter future.