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Mary: Hey Susanne! Have you thought about the upcoming election?

Susanne: Why hello Mary!

M: I must ask, have you thought about the upcoming election?

S: Why yes I have. However, I am feeling a bit torn between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.

M: Well Susanne, let me tell you how I feel about this upcoming election.

S: Please enlighten me, Mary.

M: Personally, my husband John and I have come to an agreement that he will be voting for the Federalist Party.

S: Really? My husband William is swaying toward the Democratic-Republicans.

M: The Federalists are a much better party for us women. Although they still may not allow us to vote, they really are in favor of women participating in politics.

S: William says that the Democratic-Republicans celebrate us women as long as we share their ideals (Zagarri 105).

M: Well you surely do not share all of their values. The Federalists are grateful for female supporters even if they do not agree in all aspects.

S: I never really thought about it like that.

M: I know that one Democratic-Republican “has employed an array of negatives stereotypes about women” (Zagarri 112).

S: Well how do you feel about the Federalists wanting to keep ties with Great Britain?

M: I fully agree with keeping out ties with Great Britain because the support of the trade and military power can help us now and in the future.

S: I am impressed with how informed you are. I wish I were able to place my own vote instead of relying on my husband’s.

M: If your husband will listen to anybody, it is going to be you. I think you can convince him to vote with the Federalists.

S: He is such an advocate of what Jefferson has built the Democratic-Republican Party on and I don’t know if he will budge.

M: Jefferson believes that Federalists will come around to his Anti-Federalist vision and merge into his party (Zagarri 122), but it is foolish to think that everyone would conform to his ideas.

S: Wow. This has been a very fulfilling conversation. You have really showed me the benefits of the Federalist Party. I hope I can convince William to change parties.

M: That’s great Susanne! I wish you luck in convincing your husband and I hope to see you around!

Women’s involvement in the Revolutionary War started their political impact in America.


The presidential election of 1816 was between the Federalist candidate, Rufus King, and the democratic-republican candidate, James Monroe. At the time, the federalists were beginning to lose support, causing the democratic-republicans to gain popularity.


Federalists encouraged women’s participation in politics more then the Democratic-republicans, though neither party actually wanted women involved.


There were various ways that women were indirectly involved in politics such as, influencing their sons, father, and husbands.


“Men seemed too involved, too distracted, and too passionate to dampen the flames of party conflict and division.” (Zaggari, 125)


“’[Women] have it in their power to inculcate ‘respect, sobriety, and decency in the youth, and pointedly to wit-hold their smiles and civilities from all who transgress these in the smallest degrees. This is a method of proceeding that will most certainly be victorious.’ By rewarding certain behaviors and sanctioning others, women could turn society away from party strife and toward mutuality, harmony, and unity.” (Zaggari, 129)


“Rather than convince men through reason or logic, they should manipulate them with the power of their beauty, the ‘magic’ of their smiles, ‘threats’ of their tears, or the virtue of their moral example. Acting as her “husband’s faithful friend and privy counselor,” a wife could take advantage of his ‘childlike moods,’ when ‘his feelings and affections are melted and softened into unusual plasticity,’ and turn his ambition, self-interest, and doubt ‘onto the path of virtue.’” (Zagarri, 129)


Depending on what party you belonged to, affected the way you perceived women. Women who supported your party were seen as virtuous, moral, and innocent.


Women who did not support your party were seen in a negative way.






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Rufus: Good afternoon, United States. I am Senator Rufus King. I have served our country for decades as a member of Congress and have now decided to run on the Federalist ticket for the Presidency. My beautiful wife, Mary Alsop King, great niece of Governor John Winthrop and daughter of wealthy     merchant John Alsop accompanies me today.

Mary: Hello citizens, as you may know, my loving husband Rufus has spent countless years working alongside Alexander Hamilton to maintain order in our government. I have always sat by Rufus’s side making sure he has a warm, orderly place to come home to every day. At home, I strive to instill a spirit of openness to debate in my children as well as my husband (p.116). In church, I proudly display symbols of our Federalist Party upon my bonnet (p.115).

Rufus: Federalists of our age must be content with the past. We staunchly did not support the War of 1812 and while the peace treaty may have been satisfactory to the American people, there were still countless casualties. However, we must not dwell on the past. We must press on and look to the       future. I believe that I am the right man to move our Party into the future. My home life is excellent. I have a loving, well-educated wife who comes from a great lineage as well as seven bright sons. We attend Church regularly so our hearts and minds are in the right place to lead the country. I was one of the          attendees of the Constitutional Convention and signed the United States Constitution. Having attended the Convention, I know how to correctly interpret the Constitution.

Mary: The Democratic-Republicans have recently resorted to dirty election tactics in order to mar my husband’s name and render him unfit for the Presidency.

Rufus: Yes, the Secretary of the Treasury has wrongfully accused me of owing money to the government – money that had been given to me in order to free General Gilbert Lafayette from prison while I was serving as the Minister to England. This money had been incorrectly marked as a loan.

Mary: This is just another disgusting tactic that the opposition uses in their campaign. Rufus is a man of honor and a man of God. He has always repaid each of his debts.

Rufus: Just recently, the Democratic Republicans have begun advocating a national bank and protective tariffs. These are two ideas that the Federalists have been supporting since the dawn of our party’s existence. Why vote for James Monroe, who has only just recently been in support of these Federalist ideas when you could vote for me? Since I began my work in politics, I have focused many of my efforts into creating a national bank and instituting protective tariffs. I have many more years of experience in these issues and I   am the right choice for any citizen who wants to see these ideas put in motion.

Mary: Vote Rufus King in 1816 for a better America.



Travis Kerner and Bailey Scott

Dr. Kopelson

History 103

Alfred Cook

Election of 1816 Script

Good evening. My name is James Monroe, and I am the Democratic-Republican candidate in the Election of 1816. Unlike my Federalist opponent, Rufus King, I strongly support and highly encourage gender equality. By this, I mean that women should receive full participation in party politics. Federalists, on the other hand, refused to believe that women are suitable for party politics. The Federalists believe that women have too much of an influence on decisions by their politician husbands. Also, according to the Federalists, women could negatively challenge men in power. Since men want to maintain social hierarchy, they didn’t agree that women should have any part of party politics. As a Democratic Republican candidate, I believe that this is pure selfishness. As a part of the Democratic-Republican Party, I have to disagree with this preposterous notion. I value the fact that everyone should be entitled their own opinion, especially when the opinion would affect that person’s life in many aspects. In fact, I believe that women are better positioned than men to instill the new liberal attitude toward party politics. At one point, their exclusion from political order was unfair and unjust. Now, women possess both the means and the opportunity to express their political concerns. It is said that women instill moral values and inspired virtuous behavior in their husbands, and that their actions will propel society from a state of rudeness to civility. Why would anyone not have the desire to encourage women participation in party politics? This is why you should vote for me, James Monroe, as your future President of the United States of America.

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Zagarri, Rosemarie. Revolutionary Backlash: Women and Politics in the Early American                              Republic. Philadelphia: U of Pennsylvania, 2007. Print.



Jack Griffin, Luke McKinney, Rachel Stacey


In the crucial upcoming election, keep in mind James Monroe and the Democratic - Republican Party.


Not only is Rufus King a wife beating liar who supports the misogynist federalists, he is also the son of a Loyalist fabricator of falsities who will stop at nothing to abolish the very existence of this beautiful country.


James Monroe and the anti-federalists support a liberal agenda that emphasizes the unity of the country after our historic victory over our former oppressors (123). This said agenda promotes the moral high ground of politics and supports the belief that all Americans are guaranteed the right to participate in politics whether that be directly or indirectly (150).


Our magazine encourages… no implores… that women everywhere play an essential role in charming their men at home to support Monroe and his political campaign. By participating as a female politician, you can help the men in your life realize that the true future of our country and women’s involvement in politics lies in the trustworthy hands of James Monroe (5).


Federalists believe that the Revolution was a struggle for political separation instead of for the betterment of all our countrymen (and women) (149). Why should we embolden a group of men who believe that women are as biologically inferior as Rufus King’s physical physique?


In order to support the anti-federalists and their beautifully progressive candidate James Monroe, our magazine will be holding a meeting in the main lobby entrance of our head offices on the 21st of September, the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. We will be discussing points to add to our monthly editorial and passing around ideas for campaign fliers.


Why vote for a terribly horrid candidate and party when you can elect James Monroe and “the friends of the people,” the Democratic – Republican party (149).

Title: James Monroe’s election campaign Video


Narrator: Politics is no longer only men’s concerns. Women play a very important role in the American Political system. Women demonstrated their importance and influence in the War that was just finished. The Republican Party realizes this progressive movement and encourages women to stand up for their beliefs. While women in our party were encouraging their brave sons and husbands as they fought for their country in a grueling war, the Federalist Party encouraged their women to protest the war (100). Why would you want to support a party who wouldn’t even support your son or husband? But don’t take my word for it, I’m just an amateur voice narrator given ten bucks to be here. Hear it from a women of the party herself, Mercy Otis Warren (87).

Warren: I apologize for my manly sounding voice, I have a bit of a cold. We need more women to support the Democratic-Republican cause. With men like Jefferson and James Monroe, we can take the reins back and lead our country to a where men have the freedom to adopt their own mode of government, the dignity of the people, and that sovereignty which cannot be ceded either to representatives or to kings. A freedom I hope one day the men will share with us. Hopefully. Maybe (sounding kind of doubtful) (87).

Show humor attempt segment.

Monroe: Hello. My name is James Monroe. Since you females are so good with your feelings and such we men need you to help us usher in this era of good feelings as you could call it. . Hey I like that. We should get that saying trademarked. “Era of Good Feeling” (His presidency was known as the Era of Good Feeling). Um anyways, my name is James Monroe and I approve this message.

Fast talking warning voice guy: Warning! The feelings and opinions of this party does not condone women suffrage, women holding political offices, or any other opinion where men would relinquish their political authority to women (102)


Hello my name is madam McKinely of the Federalist Party. In this brief ad I will outline how we as women can help the Federalist Party in this upcoming election.


As female politicians we must show our support for the men who are leading our country. Our job is to be “knowledgeable about contemporary political affairs and ideas” (75). As women we need to read up on all that our party is doing and how our ideas can help the nation. This ad is going to serve as a way for women to become more involved in the Federalist Party. At the height of woman’s involvement in politics “Leaders urged women to demonstrate their support publicly by attending partisan meetings, gatherings, and events” (84). The Party even invited us to functions and we have been “seen as an “auxiliary arm” to the Federalist Party” (84). However, once the war started we became less involved due to our opposition. It is now time to become involved again, even as our views are being suppressed.


Our new way of showing support to our men will be through impartial patriotism. “Using [our] roles as wife and mother, [we] could act as peacemakers and mediators between warring factions of men” (116). It is no secret that there has been much turmoil in our beloved Federalist party. By bringing our men together we can strengthen the party and help them win this upcoming election. Even by being peacemakers between our party and the Republicans we can show we are the stronger, and better, party. The Democrat-republicans are the reason that male political influence carries a negative connotation. Men are “too involved, too distracted and too passionate to dampen the flames of party conflict and division. However, as women we have the power to “[affect] the spirit of public discourse and the tenor of social relations” (125). Our duty is to the Federalist Party, to strengthen our party by giving a female influence, which the Democratic-Republicans do not have. Although we are not physically involved in politics like in the late 1700s we have a unique opportunity to influence our men; to keep the level-headed and keep the party strong and vocal.

Women and the Election of 1816
Daughters of Columbia (Zagarri 128), women of this land of liberty: We, the Federalist Party, need your unwavering support. As the Presidential Election of 1816 approaches, we need you to reach the ears of your husbands, the voters. Although you are not enfranchised, your patriotism is valued and the presence of your support would only validate our political claims (69). We appreciate the support of such a prominent female figure as Judith Sargent Murray, who understands the need for a strong central government with a chain of subordination in order to maintain liberty (91). I encourage you to use the arenas of print and public speech to voice your opinions as Mrs. Murray has. Express yourselves like the Federalist female supporters who gave voice to the necessity of declaring war against those Jacobins in France back in 1798 (93). We understand the affecting power of feminine influence on the lives of men and children (129). Do not forget that you all play a vital role, more indirectly than you may know, in the political success of the Federalist Party and in the preservation of this union.
I do not want to see this developing nation go so quickly to ruin by the whims of the irresponsible Democratic-Republicans. Are you aware that the man that these Democratic-Republicans praise, the man that we had to suffer under his presidential reign for eight long years, Thomas Jefferson, does not even care about the education of women? The man himself did not believe his own daughters should have the right to educate their sons (158). How could women be the teachers of virtue to our sons if they were to remain in a fixed state of ignorance as Jefferson would have favored? Can you trust a man that nearly led our nation to economic ruin through his disastrous Embargo of 1807? If not, then how can you possibly side with the political party that supported this man?

My name is Rufus King and I approve this message.