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Federalist Women Support Election – Courtney Harhay


Hello my name is madam McKinely of the Federalist Party. In this brief ad I will outline how we as women can help the Federalist Party in this upcoming election.


As female politicians we must show our support for the men who are leading our country. Our job is to be “knowledgeable about contemporary political affairs and ideas” (75). As women we need to read up on all that our party is doing and how our ideas can help the nation. This ad is going to serve as a way for women to become more involved in the Federalist Party. At the height of woman’s involvement in politics “Leaders urged women to demonstrate their support publicly by attending partisan meetings, gatherings, and events” (84). The Party even invited us to functions and we have been “seen as an “auxiliary arm” to the Federalist Party” (84). However, once the war started we became less involved due to our opposition. It is now time to become involved again, even as our views are being suppressed.


Our new way of showing support to our men will be through impartial patriotism. “Using [our] roles as wife and mother, [we] could act as peacemakers and mediators between warring factions of men” (116). It is no secret that there has been much turmoil in our beloved Federalist party. By bringing our men together we can strengthen the party and help them win this upcoming election. Even by being peacemakers between our party and the Republicans we can show we are the stronger, and better, party. The Democrat-republicans are the reason that male political influence carries a negative connotation. Men are “too involved, too distracted and too passionate to dampen the flames of party conflict and division. However, as women we have the power to “[affect] the spirit of public discourse and the tenor of social relations” (125). Our duty is to the Federalist Party, to strengthen our party by giving a female influence, which the Democratic-Republicans do not have. Although we are not physically involved in politics like in the late 1700s we have a unique opportunity to influence our men; to keep the level-headed and keep the party strong and vocal.