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Federalist Campaign of 1816 – Ford Lindsay

Rufus: Good afternoon, United States. I am Senator Rufus King. I have served our country for decades as a member of Congress and have now decided to run on the Federalist ticket for the Presidency. My beautiful wife, Mary Alsop King, great niece of Governor John Winthrop and daughter of wealthy     merchant John Alsop accompanies me today.

Mary: Hello citizens, as you may know, my loving husband Rufus has spent countless years working alongside Alexander Hamilton to maintain order in our government. I have always sat by Rufus’s side making sure he has a warm, orderly place to come home to every day. At home, I strive to instill a spirit of openness to debate in my children as well as my husband (p.116). In church, I proudly display symbols of our Federalist Party upon my bonnet (p.115).

Rufus: Federalists of our age must be content with the past. We staunchly did not support the War of 1812 and while the peace treaty may have been satisfactory to the American people, there were still countless casualties. However, we must not dwell on the past. We must press on and look to the       future. I believe that I am the right man to move our Party into the future. My home life is excellent. I have a loving, well-educated wife who comes from a great lineage as well as seven bright sons. We attend Church regularly so our hearts and minds are in the right place to lead the country. I was one of the          attendees of the Constitutional Convention and signed the United States Constitution. Having attended the Convention, I know how to correctly interpret the Constitution.

Mary: The Democratic-Republicans have recently resorted to dirty election tactics in order to mar my husband’s name and render him unfit for the Presidency.

Rufus: Yes, the Secretary of the Treasury has wrongfully accused me of owing money to the government – money that had been given to me in order to free General Gilbert Lafayette from prison while I was serving as the Minister to England. This money had been incorrectly marked as a loan.

Mary: This is just another disgusting tactic that the opposition uses in their campaign. Rufus is a man of honor and a man of God. He has always repaid each of his debts.

Rufus: Just recently, the Democratic Republicans have begun advocating a national bank and protective tariffs. These are two ideas that the Federalists have been supporting since the dawn of our party’s existence. Why vote for James Monroe, who has only just recently been in support of these Federalist ideas when you could vote for me? Since I began my work in politics, I have focused many of my efforts into creating a national bank and instituting protective tariffs. I have many more years of experience in these issues and I   am the right choice for any citizen who wants to see these ideas put in motion.

Mary: Vote Rufus King in 1816 for a better America.