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Jack Griffin, Luke McKinney, Rachel Stacey


In the crucial upcoming election, keep in mind James Monroe and the Democratic - Republican Party.


Not only is Rufus King a wife beating liar who supports the misogynist federalists, he is also the son of a Loyalist fabricator of falsities who will stop at nothing to abolish the very existence of this beautiful country.


James Monroe and the anti-federalists support a liberal agenda that emphasizes the unity of the country after our historic victory over our former oppressors (123). This said agenda promotes the moral high ground of politics and supports the belief that all Americans are guaranteed the right to participate in politics whether that be directly or indirectly (150).


Our magazine encourages… no implores… that women everywhere play an essential role in charming their men at home to support Monroe and his political campaign. By participating as a female politician, you can help the men in your life realize that the true future of our country and women’s involvement in politics lies in the trustworthy hands of James Monroe (5).


Federalists believe that the Revolution was a struggle for political separation instead of for the betterment of all our countrymen (and women) (149). Why should we embolden a group of men who believe that women are as biologically inferior as Rufus King’s physical physique?


In order to support the anti-federalists and their beautifully progressive candidate James Monroe, our magazine will be holding a meeting in the main lobby entrance of our head offices on the 21st of September, the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixteen. We will be discussing points to add to our monthly editorial and passing around ideas for campaign fliers.


Why vote for a terribly horrid candidate and party when you can elect James Monroe and “the friends of the people,” the Democratic – Republican party (149).