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Title: James Monroe’s election campaign Video


Narrator: Politics is no longer only men’s concerns. Women play a very important role in the American Political system. Women demonstrated their importance and influence in the War that was just finished. The Republican Party realizes this progressive movement and encourages women to stand up for their beliefs. While women in our party were encouraging their brave sons and husbands as they fought for their country in a grueling war, the Federalist Party encouraged their women to protest the war (100). Why would you want to support a party who wouldn’t even support your son or husband? But don’t take my word for it, I’m just an amateur voice narrator given ten bucks to be here. Hear it from a women of the party herself, Mercy Otis Warren (87).

Warren: I apologize for my manly sounding voice, I have a bit of a cold. We need more women to support the Democratic-Republican cause. With men like Jefferson and James Monroe, we can take the reins back and lead our country to a where men have the freedom to adopt their own mode of government, the dignity of the people, and that sovereignty which cannot be ceded either to representatives or to kings. A freedom I hope one day the men will share with us. Hopefully. Maybe (sounding kind of doubtful) (87).

Show humor attempt segment.

Monroe: Hello. My name is James Monroe. Since you females are so good with your feelings and such we men need you to help us usher in this era of good feelings as you could call it. . Hey I like that. We should get that saying trademarked. “Era of Good Feeling” (His presidency was known as the Era of Good Feeling). Um anyways, my name is James Monroe and I approve this message.

Fast talking warning voice guy: Warning! The feelings and opinions of this party does not condone women suffrage, women holding political offices, or any other opinion where men would relinquish their political authority to women (102)