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Mary: Hey Susanne! Have you thought about the upcoming election?

Susanne: Why hello Mary!

M: I must ask, have you thought about the upcoming election?

S: Why yes I have. However, I am feeling a bit torn between the Federalists and the Democratic-Republicans.

M: Well Susanne, let me tell you how I feel about this upcoming election.

S: Please enlighten me, Mary.

M: Personally, my husband John and I have come to an agreement that he will be voting for the Federalist Party.

S: Really? My husband William is swaying toward the Democratic-Republicans.

M: The Federalists are a much better party for us women. Although they still may not allow us to vote, they really are in favor of women participating in politics.

S: William says that the Democratic-Republicans celebrate us women as long as we share their ideals (Zagarri 105).

M: Well you surely do not share all of their values. The Federalists are grateful for female supporters even if they do not agree in all aspects.

S: I never really thought about it like that.

M: I know that one Democratic-Republican “has employed an array of negatives stereotypes about women” (Zagarri 112).

S: Well how do you feel about the Federalists wanting to keep ties with Great Britain?

M: I fully agree with keeping out ties with Great Britain because the support of the trade and military power can help us now and in the future.

S: I am impressed with how informed you are. I wish I were able to place my own vote instead of relying on my husband’s.

M: If your husband will listen to anybody, it is going to be you. I think you can convince him to vote with the Federalists.

S: He is such an advocate of what Jefferson has built the Democratic-Republican Party on and I don’t know if he will budge.

M: Jefferson believes that Federalists will come around to his Anti-Federalist vision and merge into his party (Zagarri 122), but it is foolish to think that everyone would conform to his ideas.

S: Wow. This has been a very fulfilling conversation. You have really showed me the benefits of the Federalist Party. I hope I can convince William to change parties.

M: That’s great Susanne! I wish you luck in convincing your husband and I hope to see you around!