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Trip to the Fort Pitt Museum

Amy Wright


Fort Pitt Museum


The Fort Pitt Museum Is located in Downtown Pittsburgh in Point State Park and is a small building loaded with interesting information about early Pittsburgh. The artifacts and showcases inside the museum are all from the 1700s when Fort Pitt was constructed and still standing. Fort Pitt was built during the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) by the British colonist from 1759 to 1761. Fort Pitt was built in a pentagon shape and was one of the most elaborate British forts in North America during that time. Fort Pitt was also used in the Pontiac’s War when the western Lenape and Shawnee attempted to force settlers out of their region. The museum claim that Fort Pitt was the “keystone of the Frontier” because of its pivotal role in the mid 18th century wars. August 3rd of 1797, Fort Pitt was decommissioned as a site by the Army and was soon there after torn down and its remains were passed out to residents of Pittsburgh. The only part of Fort Pitt remaining is the Blockhouse because it was used as a residence when the fort was being torn down. The Blockhouse is said the be the oldest building in Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed the Fort Pitt Museum and learned a lot of information on the beginnings of Pittsburgh.