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Women’s Changing Roles in Politics by Liza Rush and Mary Hanna McDonald

Person 1: Hello, How are you doing today?

Person 2: I am doing well! How are you?

Person 1: I’m fine but I just heard the worst news.

Person 2: Oh no, what is it?

Person 1: Myrtle supports the federalists! Can you believe this? I am just in shock, I cannot think of anything worse.

Person 2: Why is that so bad?

Person 1: Well those federalists support and help with the war efforts

Person 2: How? That is really impressive to me...

Person 1: well they help sew flags I cannot think of anything more awful for a woman to do

Person 2: how is this a bad thing?

Person 1: she should be supporting the Republican motherhood (Chapter 1 and 2)

Person 2: The what?

Person 1: Don’t you know anything the republican motherhood strives to teach our sons about how to be patriotic and support our freedoms.

Person 2: well why can’t our daughters participate just like our sons have the right to?

Person 1: you don’t want our daughters to be involved in politics. They will be like those manly women who neglect their children and families. It is a women’s duty to solely focus on our men and be subservient to them. (Chapter 2)

Person 2: These reasons sound ridiculous and out of date to me.

Person 2: I agree with more of the Federalist approach. By now woman can vote in New Jersey. Look at them, they haven't gone to ruins. Don't you want to be able to vote and have a say in your beloved country? (Chapter 2)

Person 1: well if you switch sides you won’t be able to eat, and shop were you could before. I want to be a proper and respectful women to men, and we are not wanted in politics, we are wanted at home, actually we are needed at home! (Chapter 5 )

Person 2: Wait wait why will I not be able to eat and shop wherever I please?

Person 1: Because many shops here in New England only cater to federalists or republicans (Chapter 5)

Person 1: women shouldn't even be allowed to discuss their views about politics because so many families are now being torn apart due to this political and national divide. Women just no not possess the capability to think about difficult subjects such as politics

Person 2: Why do you suggest these thoughts? We are smart. We are capable and needed. We have been credited with being a major part of winning the American Revolution. (Chapter 1)

Person 1: That is true, but women as a whole do not even know how to read, let alone write

Person 2: Well it is not our fault we are not allowed to go to school and obtain an education, but that can all change if we stand with the Federalists and earn the right to vote for our rights!

Person 1: I just do not think I am ready for that change and I do not want to offset the balance of our country, families, and men! The men are feeling very threatened by us, and I just do not feel comfortable standing up to this. (Chapter 3)

Person 2: Don’t you understand that times are changing and women’s involvement in politics is changing. We need to follow in the footsteps of Mary Wollstonecraft. She has opened up the debate on women’s rights and we owe not only her but ourselves the right to protect and help our country, if we so please. Whether my efforts help women in my lifetime or our daughters, I stand with the Federalists and their fight and support of women in politics. (Chapter 4)