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Shot Until You Drop Jason Jones




Steve Harvey –Hey, Im Steve Harvey the host and this is SHOTS UNTIL YOU DROP. On my right it’s a federalist out of New York, Mr. Rufus King and his beautiful wife Mary King. To my left is a Democratic- Republican James Monroe from Virginia. In this game the party that makes the most point, doesn’t have to take a shot. Best out of 3 so goodluck.

Round 1

Steve Harvey- Do you believe women should have the right to vote?

Mr.King- No, I don’t think they should because I think this a man’s world. Men should put their foot down. The natural rights law established by the creater, extends over the whole globe, everywhere and at all times binding upon man kind. This is a law of God by which he makes his way known and is paramount to all human control. (Monroe)

Mr. Monroe- Well, I think everyone should have the right to vote. Stated under the United States Constitution, we as Americans have natural rights and voting should be a right. Since women live in America as well and is more than have the population. They should be treated equally.

Mr. Harvey- I give this round to Mr. Monroe under the constitution it does state we should be equal and have natural rights.

Round 2

Mr. Harvey- Mr. King you have to win this round or the game is over. Since this is about politics. My question, why shouldn’t women have a say so in politics? If you think they should, state otherwise?

Mr. King- I just don’t think they should have a say so. Women are too emotional. They should cook, clean, and watch over our kids. Their opinion doesn’t matter unless its what’s on the menu. HAHA.

Mr. Mary King (Rufus King wife) – ( Slaps Mr. King and walks off)

Monroe Speaks- Haha. Thank you Mrs. King, he needed that. I believe the women opinion in politics are very important. Who say women shouldn’t have a voice when it comes to who control their country as well. Behind every great man, is a great woman? They are our backbone.

Mr. king- Well this sucks. (takes last shot and passes out)

Mr. Harvey- And the winner still standing, democratic republican out of Virginia James Monroe.

NOTES: The italicized writing is what Mr. King really said. It’s a well known quote.

Mary is Mr. Kings wife real name.