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Lisbeth Lopez

I visited the Tuscaloosa Museum of Aft. I absolutely loved everything about it. The first thing I noticed was the building themselves. The tour guide informed us that they were built to resemble a Japanese place. It was beautiful and the pond in the back added a great effect. Once we entered I was amazed at the great historical works of aft. One of the first paintings I saw was one of George Washington. It had flags in the background. This painting was relevant to the course because he was the first president of the United States and one of the founding fathers of our country. He was played a key role in the revolutionary war, which is a topic we discussed. The next piece of art that I took notice of was one of the siege of Yorktown. This relates to our class because we discussed the times of exploration of the Americas. Yorktown was one of the settled towns. This battle that took place in Yorktown was also the last major of the revolutionary war, which also ties back to President Washington who led the continental army. The last piece of art i observed was a painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1840. This I thought was one of the most important pieces in the whole museum. This was the first time that American’s took a stand as a country. Some of the most important people in our countries history were in that room. This was the moment that we became the United States of America.

Neil Rickoff



While visiting the Birmingham Museum of Art I came across two paintings that had to do with the events of the American Revolution. The first piece was the surrender and arrest of Benedict Arnold, who was a traitor to the colonial forces and an informant for the British during the revolution. Arnold was a general in the colonial military before defecting to the British, who then welcomed him into their forces as a Brigadier General. He was in command of the West Point military base which he had planned to surrender over to the British before being discovered to be a traitor. After being discovered of Treason in 1780, he was allowed to leave by George Washington and then joined the British military in 1781, although with the lingering reputation of failure which also affected his payment from the British Government and also earned him the disrespect of his forces in the British military despite coming back to seize Richmond, Virginia by surprise before being forced and awaiting evacuation or reinforcement. The Second Painting was of Navy Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry who was also known as the "Hero of Lake Erie" for his decisive win over the British Navy at the Battle of Lake Erie where he was able to commandeer the entire squadron of six ships while only taking 27 casualties, whereas the British suffered 41 casualties, and the capture of the remaining forces. The battle of Lake Erie happened in 1812 and was a major turning point in the revolution.


LaTerria Carter
April 12,2015
HY 103 Extra Credit

On Saturday April 18 I attended the Alabama Constitution Village also known as Constitution Hall Park. This is a historical museum in Madison, Alabama which is about two hours from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am originally from this area so I have visited this historic more often than some because of the calming vibe and beautiful scenery. This museum is open air, however you are not allowed to take pictures. An open air museum is basically a collection of building out-of-doors that portray reenactments of things that have happened in history. The ultimate goal of a open air museum is to show older lifestyles and create a visual aspect of what things look like at that point in time. This museum is based on the period of 1819. There are eight different buildings in all each showing a different aspect and setting. The buildings represent a law office, print shop, a post office and residents. The hall park also shows a viewing of where the Constitution Convention was held in 1787. Which was a big meeting held to discuss the problems that had been arising since the Articles of Confederation. The actual result of the convention was the creation of the United States Constitution. Our class period has been based on a lot of different things that happened around 1787. Such as the Shay's Rebellion, the writing of the constitution, the Virginia plan and the great compromise which just a few of the many topics. The main goal of the museum was to actually visualize yourself in that time period, how things looked, how aspects worked, and also how far along times have changed from then to now.

Shelly Overfield
Frazier Museum Extra Credit
HY 103-004

In Louisville, Kentucky the Frazier Museum hosts several exhibits and artifacts that are from the early settlement age to 1877. I love going to the Frazier Museum because they constantly change and display new exhibits frequently throughout the year. The feel of the museum automatically brings you back in time, and its sophisticated style gives the museum an upscale and respectable outlook on the importance of history.
The main exhibit right now is called “ Civil War: My Brother, My Enemy.” Here I learned Kentucky was a divided state. Many families were pulled North and South. In 1861, Kentucky sate government declared its neutrality, but President Lincoln established a Union army. However, Kentucky had soldiers in both sides. Families were broken because brothers and fathers sometimes fought for different armies. This exhibit also included documents detailing Abraham Lincoln’s wife’s insanity in 1875. These documents are framed, and reveal her arrest warrants, court proceedings, and other official letters.
Some of the unique artifacts the Frazier museum hosts include the ceremonial sword of Founding Father Josiah Bartlett, the family bible of the legendary pioneer Daniel Boone, the original “Big Stick” of President Theodore Roosevelt, the bow attributed to the great Apache leader Geronimo, and the ivory-handled Colt pistols of General George Armstrong Custer.
The Frazier Museum always displays numerous types of weapons. One of the items that drew my attention was the bow and arrow of the great Apache leader. Personally, the arrows did not seem very sharp and maybe that is because of how old they are, but the arrows were skinner and thinner then I imagined. Another is the six-shooter also known as the “Colt Peacemaker”. This firearm was made by the Colt’s Fire Arms Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut and was an important weapon for the West.
In addition, the Van Male collection displays prehistoric stone tools and bronze age daggers. This was very interesting to me because of how old theses items were. It is so amazing to see artifacts from so long ago. Also, a British Highlander coat from the Crimean War era is displayed. The coat is red with gold buttons and lining while the cuffs and collar are mustard yellow. I think the British wear something similar to this day.
Overall, I enjoyed this visit to the Frazier Museum because every time I visit I learn and see new things that I would not experience anywhere else. Yet to this day, my favorite exhibit the Frazier Museum has held was the Princess Diana exhibit where they displayed several of her most famous outfits and jewels.

Amy Wright


Fort Pitt Museum


The Fort Pitt Museum Is located in Downtown Pittsburgh in Point State Park and is a small building loaded with interesting information about early Pittsburgh. The artifacts and showcases inside the museum are all from the 1700s when Fort Pitt was constructed and still standing. Fort Pitt was built during the French and Indian War (Seven Years War) by the British colonist from 1759 to 1761. Fort Pitt was built in a pentagon shape and was one of the most elaborate British forts in North America during that time. Fort Pitt was also used in the Pontiac’s War when the western Lenape and Shawnee attempted to force settlers out of their region. The museum claim that Fort Pitt was the “keystone of the Frontier” because of its pivotal role in the mid 18th century wars. August 3rd of 1797, Fort Pitt was decommissioned as a site by the Army and was soon there after torn down and its remains were passed out to residents of Pittsburgh. The only part of Fort Pitt remaining is the Blockhouse because it was used as a residence when the fort was being torn down. The Blockhouse is said the be the oldest building in Pennsylvania. I really enjoyed the Fort Pitt Museum and learned a lot of information on the beginnings of Pittsburgh.

Women don’t want you talking about politics at home (Zagarri 125), but in such an important election year she will be delighted to hear you are going to be voting Democratic-Republican. Vote for the women’s candidate. Vote James Monroe. Rufus King doesn't have you or your wife’s best interest at heart. The wife is the glue that holds the household together so vote for the candidate you and your wife want. That man is James Monroe. Ladies, Mr. Monroe would be honored if you would give him your support by telling your husbands to go out and vote James Monroe this November. Keep the party of Jefferson, keep the party that got us through the War of 1812, and keep the presidency with a Virginian. Men, don’t embarrass your wife by making her have to face her friends with the knowledge that you voted federalist. Democratic-Republican is the more appealing party to your wife. (Zagarri 87) Vote James Monroe and you will not regret it. Remember who keeps your house in order and who keeps you sane. Keep Monroe in mind at the polls, because that’s what your wife would want. Keep her happy and she’ll keep you happy. This message is approved by the offices of James Monroe.

Joshua McAlister
HY 103
Discussion 9am Thursday
Dialogue for Video Project (Super Pac for James Monroe)
Narrator: Imagine a world where women have as many rights as men. I’m talking everything! Women will be able to vote, work, hold public office and show off those sexy ankles anytime and anywhere. Impossible or sinful you say? Non-sense says James Monroe!
James Monroe: Hi, I’m James Monroe and over the past decade or so the Democratic-Republican Party has gotten the conversation started about women’s rights. We believe women’s rights are the next big thing. Women lately have been more active politically than ever before. Through articles and novels written in favor of them having a say in what happens in this great nation. They believe they should have a say because the mind doesn’t have gender and I agree. Even men think women should have rights says Charles Brown writer for the Philadelphia Weekly Magazine (PG 11-45). If you ladies are wondering how to influence your husband to vote for me just hold out on him. He’ll vote for me faster than us kicking England’s ass. If that doesn’t work then just remind him that my Federalist opponent Rufus King doesn’t believe women should have rights. He also hates puppies, whiskey, fireworks and America, everything that makes this country great. So let’s not lose the ground we’ve gained thus far in women’s rights and vote for me to have a better tomorrow, today! I’m James Monroe and I approve this message.


Women and the Election of 1816 Video Project Script


Michelle Azar (as Mary Alsop King), Cheryl Clifton (as Elizabeth Monroe), Richard Ramsey (as the Announcer)


Announcer: Today we will discuss women’s’ participation regarding the elections of 1816. We have Mary Alsop King, the wife of former presidential candidate, Rufus King and Elizabeth Monroe, wife of president James Monroe.


Mary: Hmm, where to start? Women’s political participation has progressed so much since the American Revolution?


Elizabeth: Yes, at first we were simply expected to sew, raise our sons to be good …

(say at the same time) Elizabeth: Republicans.   Mary: Federalists. (p.92)


Mary: Then we created reading circles (p.56)


Elizabeth: -Literary Societies


Mary: In which women discussed politics and other interests for our enlightenment.


Elizabeth: Some women began using print media to express their views, instead of simply influencing their husbands. (p. 50, 54-55)


Mary: Oftentimes, especially during the war of 1812, we were used as symbols of true patriotism or vile representatives of our adversaries. (p. 98, 102-103,110)


Elizabeth: More directly, republican women aided by boycotting goods, creating homespun clothing, and collecting money for our troops (p.99)


Mary: Federalists women opposed the war and we refused to show any encouragement for it. (p. 100-101)


Elizabeth: We should (continue American Women’s progression by) modeling ourselves after the French women who marched against the monarchy to end their subordination to men. (103)


Mary: Like those masculinized women called to bear arms in the papers? They were myths! In any case, this war has deepened the rift between political factions.


Elizabeth: That’s why I “influenced” my husband to travel the country and heal these rifts! Maybe if you stopped listening to mumble news and contributed your husband would have won the election. (p.123)


Mary: Like the gossip about former President Thomas Jefferson and his elicit affair?

I do love a good paper. (p.106)


Elizabeth: More like the portrayal of federalists as the strumpets of our society! (p.112)


Mary: Your mothers a strumpet!


Announcer: And that concludes our discussion of women and the presidential election of 1816!



Ally Odom and Haley Rosetta

26 February, 2015

HY 103

The Democratic-Republican Party. Election of 1816.


Characters: James Monroe and Mercy Otis Warren

Setting: An 1816 campaign rally for President James Monroe.

James Monroe:

Hi I’m James Monroe. I am running as the Democratic-Republican candidate in this 1816 election. I’m encouraging all voters to support me and my ideas towards National unities and Liberal sentiment. I want to dissolve political partisanship and restore our country’s unity. “An entire union of sentiment upon political subjects is not to be expected among a people who think for themselves, read for themselves, and act for themselves” (Zagarri, p. 124). I want to see formations of divergent political parties in our countries future. I believe that the mind has no gender and that women, despite their lack of formal political power, can exert significant influence over society and politics. I encourage all of my women supporters to wear your Phrygian caps proud to the voting polls on Election Day and vote for the change you all want to see in this New America.


Mercy Otis Warren:

My name is Mercy Otis Warren, and I am here to speak on the behalf of James Monroe and the Democratic-Republican party. In 1788, I wrote a tract, under the pseudonym, “A Columbian Patriot”, opposing the ratification of the U.S. constitution. “Fearful of a concentration of power and the lack of a Bill of Rights, I worry that the new government displayed many of the aristocratic tendencies of the rejected British regime” (Zagarri p. 87). I have recently published my three-volume, History of the Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution which are narratives of events from 1760-1800 that are told from a Republican point of view. As I see it. Jefferson’s election in 1800 represented a true legacy for revolution-“a legacy that included the natural equality of man, their right of adopting their own modes of government, the dignity of people, and that sovereignty which cannot be ceded either to representatives or to kings.” I believe that electing James Monroe, will be electing this very legacy as well.

Movie on 2-27-15 at 9.53 AM.export

Democratic-Republican Candidate James Monroe:

“The opposing Federalist Party is weak; lacking a definitive party consensus our party can once again win this election through maximum effort from all members during this campaign. The War is over and our party has once again proven to be the more upstanding, determined, and well-rounded party. Women play a major role in my effort to win the Election of 1816. Having their support and encouragement not only in electoral politics but also in society through several different outlets is very important to my campaign. The persistent effort of Female Politicians to spread knowledge on our mission has provided great support in the effort to win this upcoming election. With their help in preparing events, composing information and disseminating it to various media outlets has enabled we as politicians to better serve our political culture. I condone the acts of Female Politicians, there fervor in politics is one that I fully support and will continue to advocate throughout my career. There have been many a people, which stubbornly deny the true rights of women in society; they do not support Female politicians in their support of partisan parties. This goes against my beliefs; there should not be any control on whether or not women have the right to hold an opinion. I will continue to run my campaign under the premise that female support is imperative, political parties must not be run solely by men. If this becomes gender discriminated our party will not lose dominance but will forfeit added exposure through female interaction in the political sector. I urge all women to remain persistent in their effort to support me and the Democratic-Republican Party!”