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Joshua McAlister
HY 103
Discussion 9am Thursday
Dialogue for Video Project (Super Pac for James Monroe)
Narrator: Imagine a world where women have as many rights as men. I’m talking everything! Women will be able to vote, work, hold public office and show off those sexy ankles anytime and anywhere. Impossible or sinful you say? Non-sense says James Monroe!
James Monroe: Hi, I’m James Monroe and over the past decade or so the Democratic-Republican Party has gotten the conversation started about women’s rights. We believe women’s rights are the next big thing. Women lately have been more active politically than ever before. Through articles and novels written in favor of them having a say in what happens in this great nation. They believe they should have a say because the mind doesn’t have gender and I agree. Even men think women should have rights says Charles Brown writer for the Philadelphia Weekly Magazine (PG 11-45). If you ladies are wondering how to influence your husband to vote for me just hold out on him. He’ll vote for me faster than us kicking England’s ass. If that doesn’t work then just remind him that my Federalist opponent Rufus King doesn’t believe women should have rights. He also hates puppies, whiskey, fireworks and America, everything that makes this country great. So let’s not lose the ground we’ve gained thus far in women’s rights and vote for me to have a better tomorrow, today! I’m James Monroe and I approve this message.