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Alabama Constitution Village

LaTerria Carter
April 12,2015
HY 103 Extra Credit

On Saturday April 18 I attended the Alabama Constitution Village also known as Constitution Hall Park. This is a historical museum in Madison, Alabama which is about two hours from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am originally from this area so I have visited this historic more often than some because of the calming vibe and beautiful scenery. This museum is open air, however you are not allowed to take pictures. An open air museum is basically a collection of building out-of-doors that portray reenactments of things that have happened in history. The ultimate goal of a open air museum is to show older lifestyles and create a visual aspect of what things look like at that point in time. This museum is based on the period of 1819. There are eight different buildings in all each showing a different aspect and setting. The buildings represent a law office, print shop, a post office and residents. The hall park also shows a viewing of where the Constitution Convention was held in 1787. Which was a big meeting held to discuss the problems that had been arising since the Articles of Confederation. The actual result of the convention was the creation of the United States Constitution. Our class period has been based on a lot of different things that happened around 1787. Such as the Shay's Rebellion, the writing of the constitution, the Virginia plan and the great compromise which just a few of the many topics. The main goal of the museum was to actually visualize yourself in that time period, how things looked, how aspects worked, and also how far along times have changed from then to now.