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Good day to you all, my name is James T. Sockpuppet, and I want to be your next president in the upcoming election of 1816, and I’m running on the Democratic-Republican ticket. It’s clear to me and to several others in this great nation of ours that things need to change. It’s the 1800’s and its about time we act like it. Not long ago we won our independence from the British Empire, yet not everybody in this country can exercise that independence, namely, the fairer sex among us. Our women have sat in the shadows for far too long without any way to get involved in the way our country is run, and lets not forget, our country is their country also. Our choices have always impacted them just as much as them, so why silence their voices from the political theater? Aside from not making any sense to me, it also seems like an outdated way of thinking that needs to change from our politics. If elected I intend to change that, letting women have an equal voice in politics will be the first matter of business I intend to change. By allowing women to vote in elections, our country will be able to have a more diverse voice in politics, but allowing them to vote isn’t the only thing that women should have a right to, being able to have an active role in politics will also be something to change. In the history of other great nations, women have been able to play an equal part of multiple fields such as art, literature, education and yes, even politics, so why is that not the case here in America? Where we claim to be a “free” nation? Its time to start thinking forward and not just sticking to what we know because it’s a comfortable way of thinking. Vote James T. Sockpuppet this Election Day. Thank you.

Brittany Scott, Aspen Brewer, Victor Dunning
HY 103-004 Video Project
26 February 2015

News Anchor: Hello, we are reporting live from downtown at a presidential debate. In New York and addressed to the patriot ladies of our Metrolpolis, one author stressed women contributions.
What effects have women done to better your party and what will you do for women in their efforts?

James Monroe: As Soloman Aiken recalled during the revolution, "It was the fire of female patriotism that enabled us men to go off and win the war." My Republican women have made shirts, collected money, and been there for us. Women deserve better and more substantial opportunities than once before.

News Anchor: Ok, Rufus King?

Rufus King: My fellow federalist women, I appreciate all of the efforts of opposing the war of 1812, and we believe in you. We're glad that you took up many responsibilities that you couldn't before, but now we're here for change. Vote Rufus King.

News Anchor: Ok, Rufus King you did not answer the second part of the question. What will you do for your women and their efforts?

Rufus King: I think the way we need to go here is to talk about revolutionary motherhood. I believe that women should have education, and should stand behind their husband and promote their children to be better members of society. Judith Murray who wrote equality of the sexes, also agrees.

*Closing Music, Fox 7 anthem.*

News Anchor: Ok you guys, you have heard it first. Thank you. Goodbye.

Rufus King-played as Victor Dunning
News Anchor-played as Aspen Brewer
James Monroe-played as Brittany Scott


Shelly Overfeld
HY 103-004
Video Project
Vote James Monroe

Hi I am James Monroe, and I am running for President in this year’s election. I have everything it takes to make the next president. I was a lawyer so I have the experience. I was member of the Virginia legislature and a delegate to the Continental Congress. I was a member of the US congress and then the Governor of Virginia. I have also worked under several presidents including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison where I was the secretary of state and secretary of war. I have also fought for this country and have been to war. I am dedicated, driven man.

Pg 125 As s supporters of James Monroe, you should know that women have more power than you think. Women “ have a demonstrable impact on what people say, think and do. We affect the spirit or public discourse and tenor social relations. We instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in our husband and children.

Even though we may pay for the price.. We need to support our husbands

We must act like good republican wives and mothers

Daniel Bryan : it is the power of the well educated and refined mother to inspire the infant son with noble and expanded sentiments to implant in his mind correct views of our government

Vote James Monroe
Vote James Monroe
Vote James Monroe

I know I can make a difference as President. I have great ideas for foreign affairs. I want create a doctrine. I am also looking into buying land from Spain. Vote for me because we both know I can do the job.

I have been wounded in war, and I am commended for my bravery. I left the army with the rank of major.

I am friends with President Madison, and I have a compromise in mind to implement. I am full of ideas and I am waiting to show you.

So vote for me James Monroe

I am James Monoe and I approve this message

Narrator: The following advertisement is funded by the Federalist Party. This satirical skit is an illustration of a false male superiority within the Democratic Republican Party.


Narrator: Welcome to the political meeting of the top American influences of the era. Today we are going to take a close look at the discussions about women’s rights and their ability to be involved with politics.


Thomas Jefferson: Thank you fellow patriots for traveling to Philadelphia to discuss important topics of where our newly established country will be moving in the future. Our first discussion will be on the topic of whether women should be included in an active role in politics.


James Madison: There is not a need to discuss such a frivolous topic because there is no way they have the ability or intelligence to make any political stance within our country.


Alexander Hamilton: Their only role in this country is to raise our children and knit our socks for these cold harsh winters.


Thomas Jefferson: This is very true and the thought of them ever taking any political office makes me fear for the future of this country. It is our duty as men to keep this country in the right hands of male leadership.


Narrator: As the meeting went on, these top American influences showed their resentment of ever having women involved with politics.


Narrator: Meanwhile back at the Jefferson’s residence.


Martha Jefferson: Thomas, make sure you take the trash out before you start playing your politics.


Thomas Jefferson: Yes ma’am

Martha Jefferson: I’ve reviewed our financial position lately and you cannot continue to use the high quality ink of your letters.


Thomas Jefferson: But Martha, it’s my favorite ink!


Martha Jefferson: Due to our budget and monthly income, it would be silly of you to not take this into consideration.


Thomas Jefferson: Yes ma’am, I suppose you know what’s best.


Narrator: As this discussion continued, Martha brought out financial statements of their financial position with an elaborate explanation.


Narrator: Meanwhile back at the Madison residence.


James Madison: Dammit Dolley, have you seen where I put my candle?


Dolley Madison: James, don’t you speak to me that way! They are right where you left them last on the counter. I think you would lose your head if it weren’t attached to your shoulders.


James Madison: I’m sorry and thank you. I don’t know how I would survive without you. Are you meeting up with Mary Wollstonecraft later to discuss your roles in politics?


Dolley Madison: Yes James, I’ll be leaving here in a few hours.


James Madison: Do you have to? You know that’s my friends and I’s favorite game!


Dolley Madison: Yes James, I won’t put up with your attitude either.


James Madison: Yes ma’am


Narrator: A few months later the top American influences met up once again.


Thomas Jefferson: Men, we cannot allow women a role in politics. They are too scary and intimidating.


Narrator: Vote Rufus King for President. He values women’s role in politics.



This is a message from the Federalist Party:

Women… We need your help and support for the election of 1816.

Why you say?

You have never been allowed to exercise your God given constitutional rights as human beings to be able to vote or participate in political events. You have been overlooked for too long and it is time to take a stand and let YOUR voice be heard! The decisions that men make also affect your wellbeing, so why not speak your own opinions? The Federalist Party needs your votes and support throughout the election, whether it is getting involved in a campaign rally, creating banners, signs, or convincing your husbands or other women to vote for the Federalist Party, we need your support. If you are interested in getting involved, you are invited to attend any of our upcoming Federalist functions (Zagarii 84). Wearing golden eagles or black cockades on your dresses or hats is a great way to show support while representing the party (Zagarii 85-86). If we win this election, the Federalist Party will do everything in its authority to give women the empowerment they rightfully deserve. Do not let the Democratic-Republican party candidates fool you; they are focused on their on personal gains not on gaining women’s rights (Zagarii 94). As soon as they are elected, they will not worry about women’s rights; they are using the strategy to receive more votes. Do not let the Democratic-Republicans use you to advance their own cause (Zagarii 103). Also, do not let them portray you as masculine females or helpless victims (Zagarii 109). The Democratic-Republican party are not sympathetic towards women involvement towards politics (Zagarii 158).

So, it is time to exercise your rights as humans and be apart of making history and casting your vote for the Federalist Party of United States Presidential Election of 1816.


Thurman Hall
Dr. Kopelson
HY 103-001-013
25 February 2015


Rufus King: The election is coming! The election is coming! I ask all of the white men, landholding elite, to give me your vote this upcoming November.

Woman: What about me? Can I vote for you, Mr. King?

Rufus: Well that is nice of you but women are simply inferior to men. They cannot vote because they don't have the ability to reason like men. They are too emotional.

Woman: But I've met all the qualifications. I own land and I pay taxes (Zagarri 29). Why can't I vote for you?

Rufus: Women simply cannot understand the world of politics. There is no way in which a women would know what is best for The United States.

Woman: My husband does not know much about this. He is just going to vote because everyone else is. How come he can vote? He knows nothing about either candidate. I've done my research and I know better. Can I vote for you?

Rufus: Oh your husband holds land? He knows what's best. He's made something of himself and he knows what the right choice for The United States. His logic is superior to women and he can and will vote for what he feels is best. We can trust that more than anything.

Woman: If I can't vote for you, what can I do?

Rufus: Women should stay at home- cook, clean, and raise the kids. They have no business in the business or the political world. Women are too heart felt. They should follow in their husbands and fathers views. They know better (Zagarri 89).The political world cannot afford this- this lack of knowledge. Women should just stay out of politics and stay in the house and look after their husband and children.

(James Monroe enters)

James Monroe: Hello Miss, I couldn't help but to overhear what you were talking about.

Women: I am very passionate about this election. Can I vote for you?

Monroe: Your suffrage is out of my power. But talk to your husband, father, and brothers. Share your ideas and discuss politics. Dress your party- wear symbols and colors. Go to political meetings. Be the mediator between men. While your voice cannot be heard directly through voting, it can be heard indirectly (Zagarri 115,116).

Rufus: Are you crazy? How can you support a women in Politics.

Monroe: Every voice matters to me and my future presidency.

Women: Thank you Mr. Monroe! I will be sure to talk to them soon!

(Black man enters)

Black man: Can I vote? I've been-(cut off)

Everyone else: NO!

Opening Ad: Both Federalists and Republicans would be lucky to have the support of women, however, we believe the Republican Party maintains goals that we can get behind

Lady 1: At first, I wasn’t sure which party to side with, but after attending some Republican events, it became clear the Republican Party was where my support should go

Lady 2: I was invited by a kind group of men of the Republican Party to attend the festivities that took place in honor of the French military victory in Valmy (85)

Lady 1: I was invited to celebrate the “Feast of Reason” by a kind group of Republican men as well (85)

Lady 2: After I decided on the Republican party, I have made sure to affirm my decision by wearing my liberty cap in public every chance I get (86)

Lady 1: To better help the Party, I learned to spin, card, weave, dye, and manufacture, in the various modes for flax, hemp, cotton and wool (97)

Lady 2: Well I am not married, but I know that my friends made sure to encourage their husbands to go off to war, which we were advised to do (99)

Lady 1: Well I helped found the Stocking Society, which helps collect money and donations of wool for soldiers (99)

Lady 2: We really have done a great job of benefitting our sex (99)

Lady 1: We sure have

Lady 2: Most recently I have heard that, we, the women of the Republican party, express unselfish patriotism in putting the national cause above all else including personal things (99)

Lady 1: Well that seems about right.

Lady 2: The entire Republican Party likes to celebrate women who promote the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity (105)

Lady 1: I like to always maintain correct ideals and make sure my children, family, and friends do also (105)

Lady 2: Women truly are the key to success with the political parties (125)

Scott Garvey, Zach Imburgia, J Prince
HY 103 Women and the Election of 1816 Video Project
February 22, 2015

Context- The scene opens with the narrator stating that the following is a paid advertisement by the Democratic-Republican Party. The following dialogue will take place in the form of a persuasive campaign advertisement, complete with parenthetical references to Zagarri’s Revolutionary Backlash in an attempt to persuade the audience to vote for James Monroe, as well as near slander towards the Federalist Party and presidential candidate Rufus King. The other sock puppet that is not James Monroe will essentially by interviewing James Monroe, and the following interview will serve as an advertisement and cover the topics needed for the project.

Narrator- “The following is paid for by the Democratic-Republican Party and authorized by James Monroe”
Interviewer Introducing James Monroe- “As we as the United States of America head steadfast into the nineteenth century, our young nation requires a political party that will allow us to propel to the forefront of the modern world. A political party with innovative and progressive ideas similar to those that sparked the revolutionary emotion in our country. A political party that will NOT hinder our nation’s growth with jaded old ideas and philosophies, as the Federalist’s seem so very fond of. Ladies and gentlemen, the presidential candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party, James Monroe.”
(James Monroe Sock Puppet comes out on stage)
Interviewer- Thanks for being here Mr. Monroe
James Monroe- Thanks for having me
Interviewer- Now, as the candidate for the Democratic-Republican Party, what can you tell our viewers about our nation’s current situation regarding the upcoming election?
James Monroe- Well, as the War of 1812 has just recently ended thanks in large part to the actions of my party, I feel as though the Democratic-Republican Party is in favor with the American public. One new glowing aspect of this election is the heavy involvement of women in today’s politics and society, and my party intends to shine light on the unwavering displays of patriotism and independence shown by women during the War of 1812. A Democratic-Republican newspaper, Niles’ Weekly Register, printed a story of Mary Pruitt’s unbridled patriotism, as stated in the newspaper, “Let those who think lightly of female virtue and patriotism read this and blush for shame.” And this is no rare occurrence, as “Republican press portrayed their women as exemplars of unselfish patriotism who put the national cause above their personal reservations and fears” (Zagarri 99).
Interviewer- Do you really think that the War of 1812 was successful due in part to women?
James Monroe- Of course! “The war effort would be successful… only if both women and men rallied behind the nation in its time of need” (Zagarri 98). The actions of Republican women, women from MY party, almost identically resembled those of their “revolutionary predecessors. So yes, I firmly believe that women allowed for the ultimate success of the War of 1812.
Interviewer- How do the actions of Republican women during this period differ than those of Federalist women?
James Monroe- Well, unlike the patriotic women of the Democratic-Republican Party, Federalist women “did not feel the need to be patriotic do-gooders. They expressed their opposition to the war as much by what they refused to do as in what they said” (Zagarri 100). They did little to assist the war effort.
Interviewer- It is clearly evident that your party supports female involvement in politics, can the same be said for the Federalist Party?
James Monroe- Unfortunately, no. The Federalist Party is plagued with backwards thoughts and notions of complete male superiority. As Republicans, we value the traits of patriotism, diligence, and independence, regardless of gender. However, a Federalist magazine in South Carolina wrote that Republicans were “incessantly laboring, by every artifice, and with the most unblushing audacity, to turn women over, as poor, wretched forlorn victims, to shame, and remorse, and anguish, and tribulation, and barren sorrow…“ (Zagarri 111). Though Federalists believe our party is defiling and defaming women, we are doing the opposite. We are simply encouraging women to act on their will and become independent, and to be simply treated with the same dignity and notion as we treat men.
Interviewer- That’s all the time we have for today. Thanks for being here, Mr. Monroe.
James Monroe- My pleasure


Everest College Commercial Parody

James Monroe Campaign – Election of 1816


“So, ladies, you're sitting there in your rocking chair knitting, and your life is passing you by. You keep procrastinating over and over…

Well, maybe I’ll convince my husband to vote for James Monroe tomorrow or maybe next week… No, do it right now! You spend all day knitting anyhow… why don’t you have a talk with your husband that’s gonna help your future! All you gotta do is tell him that James Monroe, a Democratic-Republican, cares about the rights of women. Rufus King doesn’t care. The Federalist Party believes that women are not suited for politics and that your opinions don’t matter. (Rev. Backlash 82-86) James Monroe stands up for what he believes in, and that’s definitely not it! So why not persuade your husbands to vote for a fearless candidate? Why are you making it complicated? Help get James Monroe elected as your president in 1816. It’s easy!”

N: Just a few years earlier, the patriots of the new world fought and won their freedom. And America became the land of free. But questions began to arise on who was actually free.

Women had contributed just as much as men did without actually serving in the war. They boycotted imports, spun clothes, collected donations, encouraged men in their lives and kept the home (22).

Then the time of enlightenment came, Where were see a greater influence on women’s political stance, even seeing New Jersey allowing property owning women to get the right to vote, if only for a limited time.

Because women could not vote, we began to see a rise in women’s partisan support, accompanying the rise of the two-party system, (federalist and the democratic republican) (82). Women often help support through cooking for events, wearing colors and symbols of the party, and marrying men of the same party (82).

Which political party is best suited for your needs as a newly liberated woman of the 19th century? None other than… Republican. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “ They want to keep things the same”, well yes they do but the federalist have no plans to change either, and there is no desire to at this moment. Fundamentally it is the two’s reason for the Revolution.

Federalist battle for better conditions vs Republican’s desire for liberty and freedom.

Still thinking about it? Although Republicans believe that things should remain the same they see voting as a privilege rather than a right which leaves room for it to be challenged.

Looks like you got the right idea!