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Brittany Scott, Aspen Brewer, Victor Dunning
HY 103-004 Video Project
26 February 2015

News Anchor: Hello, we are reporting live from downtown at a presidential debate. In New York and addressed to the patriot ladies of our Metrolpolis, one author stressed women contributions.
What effects have women done to better your party and what will you do for women in their efforts?

James Monroe: As Soloman Aiken recalled during the revolution, "It was the fire of female patriotism that enabled us men to go off and win the war." My Republican women have made shirts, collected money, and been there for us. Women deserve better and more substantial opportunities than once before.

News Anchor: Ok, Rufus King?

Rufus King: My fellow federalist women, I appreciate all of the efforts of opposing the war of 1812, and we believe in you. We're glad that you took up many responsibilities that you couldn't before, but now we're here for change. Vote Rufus King.

News Anchor: Ok, Rufus King you did not answer the second part of the question. What will you do for your women and their efforts?

Rufus King: I think the way we need to go here is to talk about revolutionary motherhood. I believe that women should have education, and should stand behind their husband and promote their children to be better members of society. Judith Murray who wrote equality of the sexes, also agrees.

*Closing Music, Fox 7 anthem.*

News Anchor: Ok you guys, you have heard it first. Thank you. Goodbye.

Rufus King-played as Victor Dunning
News Anchor-played as Aspen Brewer
James Monroe-played as Brittany Scott