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Opening Ad: Both Federalists and Republicans would be lucky to have the support of women, however, we believe the Republican Party maintains goals that we can get behind

Lady 1: At first, I wasn’t sure which party to side with, but after attending some Republican events, it became clear the Republican Party was where my support should go

Lady 2: I was invited by a kind group of men of the Republican Party to attend the festivities that took place in honor of the French military victory in Valmy (85)

Lady 1: I was invited to celebrate the “Feast of Reason” by a kind group of Republican men as well (85)

Lady 2: After I decided on the Republican party, I have made sure to affirm my decision by wearing my liberty cap in public every chance I get (86)

Lady 1: To better help the Party, I learned to spin, card, weave, dye, and manufacture, in the various modes for flax, hemp, cotton and wool (97)

Lady 2: Well I am not married, but I know that my friends made sure to encourage their husbands to go off to war, which we were advised to do (99)

Lady 1: Well I helped found the Stocking Society, which helps collect money and donations of wool for soldiers (99)

Lady 2: We really have done a great job of benefitting our sex (99)

Lady 1: We sure have

Lady 2: Most recently I have heard that, we, the women of the Republican party, express unselfish patriotism in putting the national cause above all else including personal things (99)

Lady 1: Well that seems about right.

Lady 2: The entire Republican Party likes to celebrate women who promote the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity (105)

Lady 1: I like to always maintain correct ideals and make sure my children, family, and friends do also (105)

Lady 2: Women truly are the key to success with the political parties (125)