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“Are you tired of women not having a say?”

“Are you fed up with men running the world?”

“Did you know that women do not have many of the same rights that men do?”

“For example, women do not have the right to vote across the country and cannot hold elected office.”

“Additionally, women do not have the same economic and educational opportunities as their male counterparts.”

“The Democratic Republicans maintain that a woman’s place is in the home and that we should be at men’s beck and call.”

“These are the same people that initiated the War of 1812, a war that could have been avoided with the pragmatic approach of women.”

“In fact, women displayed their patriotism during the war by banding together to sew clothing and flags for the service members to carry into battle.”

“The Federalists Party believes in the natural rights. That is the rights that all humans are born with. This shift in thinking will give women a larger role in politics.”

“With Federalists in power, women will be allowed to bring their unique perspectives into the political realm, allowing this wonderful country to move forward.

“In this upcoming election, support the Federalists Party and watch this country progress and move away from the shadow of Great Britain.”

Guy- “Message brought to you by the Woman for Federalists and approved by Rufus King and the Federalists Party.”

Hank : Hello. I’m Hank Hill. I’m a new comer to this whole politics thing but hey, I figured I’d give it a shot. I represent the Federalist Party in the upcoming election of 1816. The main topic I would like to discuss is women’s participation in political parties.. The Constitution of these United States of America uses the word persons, not just male citizens (38). You know what that means? That means that any woman of the female gender should have the same rights as any man in this country. That means women should have the right to vote, run for any type of office they please, and the right to own property. That means they should be able to VOTE! Don’t you agree Boomhauer?

Boomhauer: Yeah, I agree with you Hank.

Hank: Secondly, the Democratic-Republics are only focused on a certain people. They only focus on white males and free black males, but that’s only in a few states (151).  Something else they seem to do is look at people in levels, similar to who’s higher and lower in society. White men are ranked the highest, or leveled up because women, children, blacks, and Indians were leveled down (161). It’s also unfair that women who have fought for these rights in the past did not get the respect they deserved and worked for. A few of these women would be Abigail Adams, Mary Wollstonecraft, Mercy Otis Warren, and Judith Sargent Murray (40, 59). My wife Peggy truly admires all these women, as I do as well. What do you think Boomhauer?

Boomhauer: Yeah, I agree like I said. These women are great ladies.

Hank: It also bothers me that women who can read and write cannot vote. You know what that means? It means some of the women are smarter than some of the males around here. It’s time to make a difference everyone. Vote for me, Hank Hill.

During the last weeks of this campaign, there will be debates, speeches, and more ads. But if I could sit down with you in the living room or around the kitchen table, here’s what I would tell you: our nation has seen great growth and prosperity since we broke free from the British. As someone who wants to see the continued success of our nation, I urge all Americans to realize that the rights we have in this country are to be cherished (pg 87). Rufus King, my competitor for the Presidential Election, and his federalist party believe in a strong central government. In other words, unless something is explicitly condemned in the constitution, the government is within bounds to enact policies. However, I believe in states’ rights. The key to maintaining a successful federal government is delegating the powers of the Constitution to individual states. Women, please raise your sons to be good politicians in the hopes that your political views may be reflected by future leaders of our nation. On behalf of the Democratic-Republican Party, I request that you also participate in partisan meetings, gatherings, and events (pg 86). By participating in these activities, you are doing more than simply complying with the wishes of a man, you are declaring your personal, affirmative stance with our party (pg 85). And men, value the opinions of your wives because they can bring a levelheaded approach to opinions about war and other hot topics. When you vote for me this election season, you are voting for a candidate who wants America to continue to be great. I will do whatever it takes, including going to war with Britain again, to remain an independent nation. Please consider these ideas when you cast your vote for The Election of 1816, and remember to check James Monroe on your ballot. I’m James Monroe and I approve this message.

Hello I’m James Monroe and I am currently running for president. I’m an extremely qualified candidate and I believe I deserve to be president. I am a founding father of this country and I fought in the American Revolution. I even took a bullet in the shoulder which proves that I am willing to do anything for America as its president. Now I know it’s important that people know my main view points on how I’m going to change the country. An extremely important issue based on what the founders of our party, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, believed. It is important that we pay attention to a very important issue in our country right now, and that is making sure that all men have the right to vote. Currently the only people allowed to vote are land owning men. This needs to change. I believe all men should be allowed to vote, and of course I only mean white men. However there has been a recent push to allow women to get involved in the political process. We urge women to demonstrate their support publically by attending meetings, gatherings, and events (Zagarri 84). We support women and want men to be open to the idea to allow women to vote. Woman are just as capable in participating in meetings and discussing political issues as the rest of us land owning men.

If we trust them to run our households shouldn’t we trust them to have a say in our politics? So why do we continue to ignore them and force them out of the political process? I know there is a concern of women doing certain scandalous things to influence men’s political decisions, but I can assure you that this will not be an issue. These are the very women who raise our children, and like the mothers who raised you. The fact that we do not give them a say in what they think is right is not what we as a country should stand for. The Democratic-Republican Party and I are taking a strong standpoint for women to begin to have roles in politics by spreading the word of our activities and one day even allowing woman to vote for what they believe! And of course Vote for James Monroe

Video Project Script
Teacher: People often speculate whether women had an influential role in politics prior to the nineteenth amendment.

Farmer: The answer is yes. While women may not have been able to directly impact the election at the time. They were certainly able to impact the decisions of their spouses.

Housewife: Women certainly hold the power of influence over men within a household.

Jim: I certainly wouldn’t want my wife unhappy with my voting preference.

Housewife: Very funny Jim, but in reality women impact public opinion in a number of ways, however lets get back to politics.

James Monroe: Good Evening, James Monroe here for the Democratic-Republican party. I’d like to take a minute of your time and discuss the female role in my upcoming election versus Rufus King.

James Monroe (Cont.): As a member of the Democratic-Republican party I fully believe that women deserve to have their opinions heard in regards to political partisanship.

James Monroe (Cont.): However, my opponent Rufus King, a federalist believes that the power to vote should remain with proprietary males, an ideal that I see as closed minded and ignorant.

James Monroe (Cont.): The Federalists see female involvement in the election as irrelevant; and my party’s appeal to female involvement even more so. But I strongly believe that the influence of women will prove to be the deciding factor in this election.

James Monroe (Cont.): Ultimately, accepting the entire household’s opinion rather than just the patriarch’s helps to strengthen both our nation and the very ideals of democracy.

James Monroe (Cont.): With both male and female support I believe the Democratic-Republican party will prove to be the victor in the upcoming election. Thank you for your time.

Narrator - Long before he was a delegate to the Congress of the Confederation, long before he made vast improvements as a United States Senator and as the Secretary of War, and yes, long before James Monroe helped shape the Democratic-Republican party, he wasn't afraid to fight for what he believed in.

James Monroe - In 1775, I put my education at William and Mary on hold to join the third Virginia Regiment in the Continental Army. Within a short amount of time, I became an officer. I fought among some of the greatest war heroes of this great nation. I nearly gave my life for this land in battle, but by God's providence I survived, just like our nation. Who do you want serving you? A man that sacrificed everything to get us to where we are today or a career politician? Rufus King doesn't care about your rights. He doesn't care about women's education.

Narrator - Women, Rufus King and the rest of his Federalist cohorts believe that you have no place in politics. He wants to suppress the views of some of our nation's brightest minds just because of their gender. Do you want that? James Monroe certainly doesn't (Zagarri 83).

Monroe - I have two girls. As a responsible and caring father, I believe they deserve an education just as my son. Women shouldn't be excluded from the political realm just because of their gender. Our great nation needs thought leaders and limiting our selection pool to just men, as I see it, is simply negligent. I will fight for your rights. This is my America, this is your America.

Narrator - Who do you want serving you? -- Someone willing to fight for this country and your place in politics or a man that says you have no place? Vote America, vote Monroe.

Monroe - I'm James Monroe, and I approve this message.

Narrator - Paid for by the Office to elect James Monroe as President, 1816.

Lauren Werner

Sam Boatman

Nicole Hodge

Section 007

History 103 Video Project – Election of 1816


  • Hi, I’m James Monroe. In this upcoming election I need your vote for a new America where National Unity is our primary objective, in all spectrums such as gender equality and dissolving political partisanship.
  • In lieu of a new political era and the war of 1812 the Federalist party are in shambles and cannot offer any real competition. Influential women have made great strides in gender equality and also changing the over all national paradigm. The concept that the mind had no gender is an influential and captivating concept permitting the realization that women are not just as competent and able as men to help but that “women…. Might be better positioned than men to inculcate the new liberal attitude towards party politics. As enlightenment thinkers, made clear, women, despite their lack of formal political power, could exert a significant influence over society and politics.” (Revolutionary Backlash, page 125)
  • Contrary to the Federalist party where women aren’t taken serious and aren’t considered potential political candidates let the women of the Democratic Republican Party discuss why your vote should be for those who support women’s political rights and participation in this election.


  • This article that was published supported how we as women make up one half of this nation and we too, just like men our equals, have the right to vote and participate in politics.
  • A 1790 article published on us “The Ladies” in the New-York Daily Advertiser rendered a firm judgment and stance on the issue of women in politics. They stated, “The present custom in the world, especially in America, of excluding women from any share in legislation is both unjust and detrimental. It is certainly unjust to exclude from any share in government one half of those who considered as equals of the males, are obliged to be subject to laws they have no share in making!” (Revolutionary Backlash, page 49)


  • My name is Mercy Otis Warren and during the 1760s and 1770s, I wrote political poems and satirical plays that were at the time published anonymously, that attacked British tyranny and rallied support for the American cause. Two of my pieces, The Adulateur and The Group attacked the corruption of royal government in Massachusetts and called on the colonists to resist infringements on their liberties. John Adams has been stated praising my contributions to the revolutionary movement, saying “Her poetical pen has no equal that I know of in this country. In the close-knit world of patriot leaders she as known and celebrated.” (Revolutionary Backlash, page 59)


  • Together lets move forward into a better nation and begin the Era of Good Feelings.


*Citations used from Revolutionary Backlash by Rosemarie Zagarri



Women Talk




  • Grandma: 52 years old
  • Mother: 33 years old
  • Child: 10 years old



  • Kitchen Table/Cooking dinner (1816)



Child: Mommy, who do you think will win the presidential election?


Grandma: Well, that’s easy darling. Everyone will be voting for Monroe.


Mom: James Monroe has a lot going for him. He was a founding father, a soldier, senator, governor, and might I mention handsome.


Child: [laughs]


Grandma: The Federalist Party is done for. From what I hear Rufus is a snob. There has been minimum effort with his campaigning.


Mom: And the newspaper hasn’t showed any support for the guy.


Grandma: Probably embarrassed too.


Mom: This country has come a long way and we need a real American man to represent us. I just wish us women could still vote.


Grandma: Oh yes. I remember when my mother had that privilege. She said it was the best ever. The American Revolution really helped us women.


Child: How’s that, Grandma?


Grandma: Well first off, it sparked patriotism in all females. We began to labor more in housework, along with taking care of the farms, and other male responsibilities.


Mom: Women had a lot of recognition back then.


Grandma: “The Revolution changed the popular understanding of Women’s political status and initiated widespread, ongoing debate over the meaning of Women’s rights” (p. 2).


Mom: It was a time we gained a foothold in politics and male electoral activities.

Grandma: Oh yea. My mother and I would attend rallies, political activities, and even voice our opinions for local newspapers.


Mom: I know “the men were fearful for the future that might involve a wholesale transformation in a women’s rights, roles, and responsibilities” (p. 78).


Grandma: My dad sure was, but the happiness he saw in my mom when he got to vote, I don’t think he cared.


Mom: Even though our voting privilege got taken away there will come a time again. I met my husband from believing in the Republican Party, so I know whom he will vote for, and if that changes there will be some prices to pay. That way, I still have a vote toward Monroe.


Child: I can’t wait to vote.


Grandma: Oh the time will come.

James Monroe: My name is James Monroe a Democratic Republican candidate for the election of 1816.

James Monroe: A much debated topic among myself and my opponent in this election is the topic of women's participation in party politics.

James Monroe: Speaking for myself and the party I represent I firmly encourage women to participate in party politics

James Monroe: When we speak to households we speak not too just the men but also the women of the house who should have an opinion to be heard in regard to party actions.

James Monroe: My opponents, the Federalists however wish to say that women are not suited to be involved in party politics.

James Monroe: They think that the Democratic Republicans appeal to women more than they do and they need to gain support back (Zagarri,p.78).

James Monroe: They say you are not suited for politics because they know that you have influence in the decisions that your husbands or men of your family make.

James Monroe: They believe that by calling you ill-suited for politics and that men should disregard your opinions on the matter, that my party will lose votes.

James Monroe: As a Democratic Republican I believe that what the Federalist’s are doing is wrong and that women should have influence in political matters.

James Monroe: Everyone should have an opinion on party matters that affect them as well as the households they live in.

James Monroe: Free thinking individuals such as yourselves should have opinions and arguments and be heard by others and come to a decision based on what you and your family believe is right.

James Monroe: No one man should be making decisions for the many without even asking the people he represents opinions, which is why we have a democracy not a dictatorship.

James Monroe: I believe that men and women alike should work together in making decisions for the better when it comes to this country that we all live in.

James Monroe: Forget what the Federalists tell you because we need every individual make to arguments so we can solve problems for the future

James Monroe: This is why you should side with the Democratic Republicans and vote for us so we can paint a brighter future for this country.

James Monroe: Thank you for your time