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Women and the Election of 1816 Clint Brothers

James Monroe: My name is James Monroe a Democratic Republican candidate for the election of 1816.

James Monroe: A much debated topic among myself and my opponent in this election is the topic of women's participation in party politics.

James Monroe: Speaking for myself and the party I represent I firmly encourage women to participate in party politics

James Monroe: When we speak to households we speak not too just the men but also the women of the house who should have an opinion to be heard in regard to party actions.

James Monroe: My opponents, the Federalists however wish to say that women are not suited to be involved in party politics.

James Monroe: They think that the Democratic Republicans appeal to women more than they do and they need to gain support back (Zagarri,p.78).

James Monroe: They say you are not suited for politics because they know that you have influence in the decisions that your husbands or men of your family make.

James Monroe: They believe that by calling you ill-suited for politics and that men should disregard your opinions on the matter, that my party will lose votes.

James Monroe: As a Democratic Republican I believe that what the Federalist’s are doing is wrong and that women should have influence in political matters.

James Monroe: Everyone should have an opinion on party matters that affect them as well as the households they live in.

James Monroe: Free thinking individuals such as yourselves should have opinions and arguments and be heard by others and come to a decision based on what you and your family believe is right.

James Monroe: No one man should be making decisions for the many without even asking the people he represents opinions, which is why we have a democracy not a dictatorship.

James Monroe: I believe that men and women alike should work together in making decisions for the better when it comes to this country that we all live in.

James Monroe: Forget what the Federalists tell you because we need every individual make to arguments so we can solve problems for the future

James Monroe: This is why you should side with the Democratic Republicans and vote for us so we can paint a brighter future for this country.

James Monroe: Thank you for your time