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HY-103 1816 Election Video by Neil Rickoff and Austin Johnson

Good day to you all, my name is James T. Sockpuppet, and I want to be your next president in the upcoming election of 1816, and I’m running on the Democratic-Republican ticket. It’s clear to me and to several others in this great nation of ours that things need to change. It’s the 1800’s and its about time we act like it. Not long ago we won our independence from the British Empire, yet not everybody in this country can exercise that independence, namely, the fairer sex among us. Our women have sat in the shadows for far too long without any way to get involved in the way our country is run, and lets not forget, our country is their country also. Our choices have always impacted them just as much as them, so why silence their voices from the political theater? Aside from not making any sense to me, it also seems like an outdated way of thinking that needs to change from our politics. If elected I intend to change that, letting women have an equal voice in politics will be the first matter of business I intend to change. By allowing women to vote in elections, our country will be able to have a more diverse voice in politics, but allowing them to vote isn’t the only thing that women should have a right to, being able to have an active role in politics will also be something to change. In the history of other great nations, women have been able to play an equal part of multiple fields such as art, literature, education and yes, even politics, so why is that not the case here in America? Where we claim to be a “free” nation? Its time to start thinking forward and not just sticking to what we know because it’s a comfortable way of thinking. Vote James T. Sockpuppet this Election Day. Thank you.