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Democratic-Republican Election Campaign of 1816 Video – Lauren Werner, Sam Boatman, Nicole Hodge

Lauren Werner

Sam Boatman

Nicole Hodge

Section 007

History 103 Video Project – Election of 1816


  • Hi, I’m James Monroe. In this upcoming election I need your vote for a new America where National Unity is our primary objective, in all spectrums such as gender equality and dissolving political partisanship.
  • In lieu of a new political era and the war of 1812 the Federalist party are in shambles and cannot offer any real competition. Influential women have made great strides in gender equality and also changing the over all national paradigm. The concept that the mind had no gender is an influential and captivating concept permitting the realization that women are not just as competent and able as men to help but that “women…. Might be better positioned than men to inculcate the new liberal attitude towards party politics. As enlightenment thinkers, made clear, women, despite their lack of formal political power, could exert a significant influence over society and politics.” (Revolutionary Backlash, page 125)
  • Contrary to the Federalist party where women aren’t taken serious and aren’t considered potential political candidates let the women of the Democratic Republican Party discuss why your vote should be for those who support women’s political rights and participation in this election.


  • This article that was published supported how we as women make up one half of this nation and we too, just like men our equals, have the right to vote and participate in politics.
  • A 1790 article published on us “The Ladies” in the New-York Daily Advertiser rendered a firm judgment and stance on the issue of women in politics. They stated, “The present custom in the world, especially in America, of excluding women from any share in legislation is both unjust and detrimental. It is certainly unjust to exclude from any share in government one half of those who considered as equals of the males, are obliged to be subject to laws they have no share in making!” (Revolutionary Backlash, page 49)


  • My name is Mercy Otis Warren and during the 1760s and 1770s, I wrote political poems and satirical plays that were at the time published anonymously, that attacked British tyranny and rallied support for the American cause. Two of my pieces, The Adulateur and The Group attacked the corruption of royal government in Massachusetts and called on the colonists to resist infringements on their liberties. John Adams has been stated praising my contributions to the revolutionary movement, saying “Her poetical pen has no equal that I know of in this country. In the close-knit world of patriot leaders she as known and celebrated.” (Revolutionary Backlash, page 59)


  • Together lets move forward into a better nation and begin the Era of Good Feelings.


*Citations used from Revolutionary Backlash by Rosemarie Zagarri