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James Monroe Election of 1816 Campaign Ad – Morgan Moore, Madison Pearson, and Tori Swindle

During the last weeks of this campaign, there will be debates, speeches, and more ads. But if I could sit down with you in the living room or around the kitchen table, here’s what I would tell you: our nation has seen great growth and prosperity since we broke free from the British. As someone who wants to see the continued success of our nation, I urge all Americans to realize that the rights we have in this country are to be cherished (pg 87). Rufus King, my competitor for the Presidential Election, and his federalist party believe in a strong central government. In other words, unless something is explicitly condemned in the constitution, the government is within bounds to enact policies. However, I believe in states’ rights. The key to maintaining a successful federal government is delegating the powers of the Constitution to individual states. Women, please raise your sons to be good politicians in the hopes that your political views may be reflected by future leaders of our nation. On behalf of the Democratic-Republican Party, I request that you also participate in partisan meetings, gatherings, and events (pg 86). By participating in these activities, you are doing more than simply complying with the wishes of a man, you are declaring your personal, affirmative stance with our party (pg 85). And men, value the opinions of your wives because they can bring a levelheaded approach to opinions about war and other hot topics. When you vote for me this election season, you are voting for a candidate who wants America to continue to be great. I will do whatever it takes, including going to war with Britain again, to remain an independent nation. Please consider these ideas when you cast your vote for The Election of 1816, and remember to check James Monroe on your ballot. I’m James Monroe and I approve this message.