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Vote James Monroe – Shelly Overfield


Shelly Overfeld
HY 103-004
Video Project
Vote James Monroe

Hi I am James Monroe, and I am running for President in this year’s election. I have everything it takes to make the next president. I was a lawyer so I have the experience. I was member of the Virginia legislature and a delegate to the Continental Congress. I was a member of the US congress and then the Governor of Virginia. I have also worked under several presidents including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison where I was the secretary of state and secretary of war. I have also fought for this country and have been to war. I am dedicated, driven man.

Pg 125 As s supporters of James Monroe, you should know that women have more power than you think. Women “ have a demonstrable impact on what people say, think and do. We affect the spirit or public discourse and tenor social relations. We instill moral values and inspire virtuous behavior in our husband and children.

Even though we may pay for the price.. We need to support our husbands

We must act like good republican wives and mothers

Daniel Bryan : it is the power of the well educated and refined mother to inspire the infant son with noble and expanded sentiments to implant in his mind correct views of our government

Vote James Monroe
Vote James Monroe
Vote James Monroe

I know I can make a difference as President. I have great ideas for foreign affairs. I want create a doctrine. I am also looking into buying land from Spain. Vote for me because we both know I can do the job.

I have been wounded in war, and I am commended for my bravery. I left the army with the rank of major.

I am friends with President Madison, and I have a compromise in mind to implement. I am full of ideas and I am waiting to show you.

So vote for me James Monroe

I am James Monoe and I approve this message